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An HGTV Host's Surprising Spin on Christmas Decor

If you've fantasized about transforming your home into a Winter wonderland but are stumped about where to start, you might want to take cues from HGTV host David Bromstad. Unabashedly embracing the more-is-more philosophy of decorating, David demonstrates how nine trees can be better than one! Glistening amid a carpet of cottony snow, David's mini forest (in the heart of Miami, FL) packs a whimsical punch. We caught up with him to get details on everything from his favorite faux-tree resources to the best technique for DIY snowballs!

POPSUGAR: You make faux trees look so beautiful! Do you have a favorite resource?

David Bromstad: Faux trees can be found everywhere. There are tons of varieties, and prices range from really inexpensive to superexpensive depending on the type and size. I adore faux trees, especially since I live in the South. Real trees just don't hold up well down here in Miami. My favorite resources are Grandin Road and Frontgate. You can shop from your living room and you have a huge selection to choose from. All my trees are faux, and most or them are flocked with snow — my little Winter wonderland forest in Miami!

PS: How did you create the fake snow and snowballs?

DB: Creating fake snow is easy! I buy it. It's super inexpensive and worth getting if you're looking for that Winter wonderland look. Artificial snow can be found anywhere you can find Christmas decor. Some of the snow even has sparkles in it — I love a little sparkle! I have to admit that the snowballs were actually expensive — and worth every penny — but can also be made with Styrofoam balls and cotton. By customizing the size and look of your snowballs, you can make them your own. There are endless possibilities!


Keep reading for more of David's Christmas decorating tips!

PS: What are some ideas for decorating outside of the red and green color palette?

DB: Red and green are always a safe and traditional color scheme for the holidays. But for something a little more modern, I love the look of gold with any unexpected color. Gold and acid green — gorgeous! Gold and blue — sexy! Gold and pink — yum! Really any interesting color combination is encouraged.

PS: What are some of your favorite holiday decorating ideas that feel whimsical but not childish?

DB: I love the idea of creating a theme for the holidays. It's all in the approach. My favorite trees are the ones that catch you by surprise — decorating only with Cheerios, for instance, can be superchic! Vintage wooden toys like Tinkertoys sound very childish, but I imagine they could be incredibly fabulous.

PS: Tell me about the smaller green trees that surround the big white tree. Where did you get them? How did you decorate them?

DB: Grandin Road has an amazing variety of trees that even come flocked! I added my sparkly touch by using fake icicles for that Winter wonderland look.

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