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Deck Pressurewash and Stain Photos

Before and After: Our Tragically Weathered Deck Gets a Much-Needed Summer Maintenance Update

Standard advice for deck maintenance is that it should be pressure washed and restained at least every other year. Let's just say that we haven't been that dutiful in our deck maintenance and leave it at that. It was definitely past due time to deal with our decks — as this photo demonstrates.  As you can see, the redwood was gray and green — not the warm wood color with which it started life. Plus, there was lichen growth on the wood, and I was concerned about the wood's quality deteriorating. The last thing my husband and I wanted to do was replace the deck, since it's earthquake retrofitted and bolted halfway into our house's footprint.

We considered doing the pressure washing and staining ourselves, but since we have two levels of decking (see part of the bottom level below) that measure in at around 1200 square feet, this was no small undertaking. We'd have to devote two separate weekends for pressure washing and staining, and hire a babysitter to care for our toddler while we were working. So, we decided to hire Cal Preserving to come in and do the work for us.Want to see how the decks turned out? Keep reading to find out!

Here's how the deck looked after just getting pressure washed. I was pretty stunned. What an amazing difference! The crew at Cal Preserving were absolutely meticulous in their work, and these pros completed the pressure washing in a few hours.

After the decks had dried, the crew from Cal Preserving returned to stain the decks, taking great care to coat each part of the deck. Here's the final result.

And just in case you forgot what color the decks started out as, here's some of our deck furniture for contrast. We'll be pressure washing and staining them ourselves next weekend. I can't wait to start decorating our newly restored deck! Have you dramatically improved your outdoor space? Make sure to share pictures in the Su Casa group.

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