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Decorating Attic Bedrooms

Do You Have an Attic Bedroom?

If you have a sloped roof, attic bedrooms can be a big ole P.I.T.A. not only because they make tall guests feel cramped, but because they're difficult to furnish. Don't even think about setting a tall armoire in there or a leggy lamp on top of a dresser if your ceilings are average height or smaller. The work-around, I've found, is to build shelves and tables into the architecture of the room. Or, you can just select really low furniture, just like CasaSugar reader Courtney Lake did in his home. Do you have an attic bedroom? Do you have any decorating tricks to share?


stephaniepoli stephaniepoli 6 years
The entire 2nd floor of my parent's house has low slope ceilings. I was fortunate that my four poster bed fit in the corner of the room. I created my own "window seat" by layering floor pillows next to the window.
Julia-Millay-Walsh Julia-Millay-Walsh 6 years
Ooh tempest26, that's such a good tip! I hadn't thought of that. What color did you choose?
tempest26 tempest26 6 years
We have an attic master and nursery. The best tip I can give is to paint out all the walls and ceilings in the same color - a light color - which will open up the space and draw attention away from the sloping walls. In our house that also helps mask the fact that there are none of the walls and ceilings are level... it's 114 years old!
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