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Why "Something Blue" Also Applies to Decorating

Mar 31 2014 - 4:03am

It's true — Americans are obsessed with the color blue [1]. Whether we're wearing it for luck on our wedding [2] day or outfitting our homes with the hue, it's a color that's clearly here to stay. Not ready to drench your space in floor-to-ceiling blue? Not a problem. We're applying the old wedding adage by showing how adding "something blue" might just be the best thing for your home. Here are five ways to get the look!

Source: Domino [3]

A Cool Welcome

We all know the importance of a warm welcome, but piquing people's interest with a colorful door is our idea of a first impression.

Source: Domino [4]

Shady Business

Suddenly our neutral lampshades feel lackluster when compared to this pale blue beauty.

Source: Domino [5]

Buffet Blues

Despite its muted tone, the pastel buffet somehow outshines the stunning chinoiserie piece that hangs on the wall.

Source: Domino [6]

Sweet Dreams

Nothing could be more dreamy than crisp linens in the perfect shade of robin's-egg blue — except for a matching lamp!

Source: Domino [7]

Look-at-Me Lighting

In a bedroom decorated with quiet neutrals, a turquoise chandelier turns up the volume without overwhelming the space.

Source: Domino [8]

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