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Do You Decorate With Heels?

Here's a post from CasaSugar Community member Angela Tafoya from the CasaSugar Q and A group:

I have a friend who recently gave her entire house an interior makeover. From new countertops to tile flooring, her new place looks great. However, what really caught my eye were her heels — and not the ones on her feet. She had a pair of vintage, purple suede YSL heels on display in her living room. Now, I've seen this before on sites like The Coveteur, but I never thought this was something people did. I always thought of it as staged for photos. After seeing it in person, I think it is a cool, creative way to decorate. I may have to try it! What about you? Do you decorate with heels?

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Maryline Maryline 6 years
I love it! I guess it's a great use for those stripper shoes you like driving/walking by a store. You like them but don't want to buy them for 1) not being able to wear them anywhere 2) not wanting to be mistaken for a stripper.
stephaniepoli stephaniepoli 6 years
I love the look, but what instantly comes to mind is the germs carried in from the bottom of the shoe. I would be totally grossed out by a shoe that gets worn, then placed on say, an end table for example. Now if the shoes are inactive, I approve.
Bromeliad Bromeliad 6 years
I have decorates with shoes, both successfully and unsuccessfully. (I once tried a wall display of shoes but it didn't quite work out. )
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