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Decorating Makeovers Part I

The February issue of House Beautiful has a list of 101 decorating makeovers that they're calling "small changes that make a big difference." Considering that it's Renewal month, I figured I'd share a few of my favorites with you, which may serve as inspiration for reinventing some part of your own homes. I encourage you all to try at least one, and let me know how it goes! To get clued in on some of the small changes, just


  • "Find a tired old bargain brass chandelier at a thrift shop or antiques shop. Spray paint it white. Or a color— if you have the courage."
  • "Paint a white paper lampshade your favorite color— the color you'll never find in the lampshade department."
  • "Wallpaper the inside of your bedroom closet."
  • "Use leftover wallpaper to line the drawers of your bedside table."
  • "Buy a big pretty tray— try lacquer. Take all the things on your coffee table and arrange them on the tray for a whole new pulled-together look."
  • "Put a real rug, not a bathroom rug, in front of your bathroom sink. It will hold up just fine."

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Join The Conversation
veronicaraye veronicaraye 9 years
love the tips!
tkoblondee tkoblondee 9 years
I have a regular rug in my bathroom, and it's fine! Giggle, I got a carpet sample for my kitchen, It is great quality and it was cheap since it was a sample!
lexichloe lexichloe 9 years
If you find a rug of any kind you like, put it in your bath...I love that tip and use it. I look on the clearance aisles at Target, and if it's 5 bucks or under, I get it!
wren1 wren1 9 years
Cool ideas! The wallpaper in the closet is my favorite. Unfortunately, this wouldn't work in my apartment :(
gruaig_rua gruaig_rua 9 years
I always imagine finding something amazing in a thrift shop but it hasn't happened yet.
SweetnLow SweetnLow 9 years
I got that magazine and haven't gotten around to reading it yet. I love the one about the wallpaper!
GiggleSugar GiggleSugar 9 years
Hey Casa, I definitely need a rug in front of my kitchen sink. I cook a lot, and a rug would help with splashes, etc. Any ideas where I can get some decent ones? :nerdgirl:
SparklieKitty7 SparklieKitty7 9 years
I love these ideas, I was looking to add some flair to my apartment!
Linny Linny 9 years
I like the rug idea. If I see one more fish themed bathroom I'm going to be sick.
pinkdragonfly pinkdragonfly 9 years
I love spray painting things to perk them up!! Now if only I could find a cheap chandelier...
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