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Decorating With Pianos

Do You Own a Piano?

When I was growing up, it seemed as if every home that I visited featured a piano in the living room. Our home was no exception; there was a spinet in the corner where I spent an hour practicing each night. Now, however, it seems as if pianos are less common. At our home, a stereo cabinet and wall of vinyl replaces the piano. Even though I'd love to add one to our home, there simply isn't room.
Do you have a piano in your home, or is it a distant memory from your childhood?

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LiliesandBiscuits LiliesandBiscuits 6 years
I'll have one some day when I have space for it! My mom sold the one I grew up learning on, but I wasn't that attached to it anyway :)
JoneyStar JoneyStar 6 years
I have one and my plan was to have my son take lesson but now we are selling it in hopes to make space for something else. Maybe in the future if our plans change again.
D-GMomma D-GMomma 6 years
The piano I grew up learning and playing on is in storage. I don't have anywhere to put it!
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