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Decorating Rules Made to Be Broken

Jan 3 2015 - 2:06pm

News flash: when it comes to decor, it's OK to break the rules! Leaving the safe and standard behind, here's the fact vs. fiction for some of design's most repeated rules. Gone are the days when mixed metals were a faux paus and dark walls were questioned — it's time your home reflected you. The six rooms below will show you how.

Source: Robert Stilin [1]

Rule to Break #1: Your Dining Room Chairs Must Match

Fiction: For a sense of cohesiveness, your dining room chairs must match each other and the table they are paired with.

Fact: Dining room chairs don't need to be matchy, matchy. In fact, choosing a variety of chairs lends itself to a more personable and inviting space. You can do this by introducing a bench alongside a set of chairs or adding a unique pair of chairs to the ends of the table. Do try to keep a consistent element among chairs like shape, hue, or finish.

Source: Artistic Designs For Living [2]

Rule to Break #2: Avoid Dark Rooms

Fiction: Painting a room with dark paint will make a space feel small and enclosed. Dark colors can easily feel overbearing and uninviting.

Fact: Using dark paint in a room may be one of the best design decisions yet! Dark paint will make a room feel cozy yet modern. Do choose a matte paint to avoid imperfections, and be conscious of the lighting. A white ceiling and white accents will help to break up the space.

Source: Studio Preveza [3]

Rule to Break #3: Leave Patterns to Accent Walls

Fiction: To avoid a space that's too busy, choose only an accent wall for patterned wallpaper.

Fact: Going all out with a patterned wallpaper lends itself to a room fit for the glossy pages! It's a bold risk but totally doable if you stick with solid colors for your furniture and window treatments. Do have a color palette (like gold and blue) to ensure the room is cohesive.

Photo by Oh Joy [4] via Style Me Pretty [5]

Rule to Break #4: You Can't Mix Metals

Fiction: Mixing metals creates a look that is messy, unstyled, and possibly tacky.

Fact: Mixing metals throughout your decor is cool, edgy, and glamourous. Keep it subtle by mixing accessories and accents, or try it on a large scale with your walls and furniture. Expect your finished product to look flawlessly layered.

Source: Nate Berkus Interiors [6]

Rule to Break #5: You Can't Combine the Old With the New

Fiction: Mixing old finds with new pieces will create a room that looks thrown together and confused.

Fact: The combination of old new and pieces creates a one-of-a-kind room that is filled with interest. Antiques can help to warm up a modern space and modern pieces make a traditional room feel current. Keep contrast in mind, and avoid using too much of one thing.

Source: Robert Stilin [7]

Rule to Break #6: Mixing Prints Is Wrong

Fiction: By decorating with a variety of patterns and prints, a room will look clustered and over-the-top.

Fact: A room with a variety of prints will look well styled and interesting. It shows you like to experiment with design and aren't afraid to take risk. Mixed prints look best when they are of the same colors and the scale varies. A few solid pieces will help to keep a balance.

Photo by Anson Smart [8] via Style Me Pretty [9]

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