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Cool Idea: Inspiration For Little Spaces

Here's a post from OnSugar blog Apartmentalizing:

Our friends at Tiny-Ass Apartment (one of Apartmentalizing's Web Faves!) always have great images of and tips from real people who live in, well, tiny apartments! Now, I have a bit of experience in this field. Well, in the field of living in tiny spaces, not necessarily doing the most with those spaces.  For example, in my last apartment in NYC, my bedroom was actually a former walk-in closet (Oh landlady, you minx. You listed this as a one-bedroom on Craigslist . . . and I totally bought it). Literally, my double bed wouldn't fit in the room without overlapping the door. It was cozy (or would have been if the window hadn't been so drafty, I may as well have just left it open in the winter). Anyway, here are a few of my faves from their Real Life Tiny-Ass Apartments. I love how the sectional and the shelving create distinct spaces in a studio but still allow the light through from the windows!

Brazilliant!! Turning a tiny, unuseable closet into a discreet work space!

See more . . .

I love how they've hung the cups and created a useful but also artistic shelf for a super-homey feel!  And, they've freed up all that cabinet space!

I would never want to leave this cozy nook!  Granted, this bedroom is bigger than any I've had in NYC, but I'd never have thought to put my bed under the vaulted ceiling.Yeah, just totally love love love this vanity.  First, love having a mirror to create more space (see recent obsession with mirrors).  But love even more the clear chair!  It's a brilliant solution to seating but not wanting to appear cluttered/take up space/hide the gorge detail of the vanity.

Want to see more? Start following Apartmentalizing or start your own OnSugar blog!

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