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"Design Star": And the Winner Is...

"Design Star": And the Winner Is...

Who caught the finale of "Design Star" last night? All 11 designers were brought back for the final episode of the show for a look back at memorable scenes from the season (somewhat like the Reunion episode from "Project Runway.") Still, it was sweet to see all of the designers again and to hear how hard it had been for judges Martha McCully, Cynthia Rowley, and Vern Yip to eliminate one designer every episode.

So who won? To find out, just

It was Kim!

Kim seemed to be the favorite not only with the American public, but with Casa readers as well. Are you interested in applying to be HGTV's next "Design Star"? Then apply for season three here. And make sure to stay tuned next spring for Kim's new design show!

Join The Conversation
yiddidea yiddidea 9 years
YAY, congrats Kim! I am so glad she won.
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 9 years
I knew she'd win! :)
brdwaystarlett brdwaystarlett 9 years
(faux southern accent): I done told ya'll she'd be da winna.
klreynol klreynol 9 years
Ooh, yay!! I loved her! =)
Eaving Eaving 9 years
I never liked Kim as a designer, but she's really sweet. As a designer she just seemed to ride the waves and never really took a lead in anything, which is sometimes crucial in having your own show. Plus, Todd's style is just so fresh and original that frankly it always seemed like Kim was just doing normal, boring things. But maybe that's what people want =) But I don't begrudge her the win, because she *was* very sweet.
theboyslover theboyslover 9 years
good for her!
scoop45 scoop45 9 years
Kudos 2 kim!!!! Lol
ms_mags ms_mags 9 years
I was under the impression that David's show was only for a year. Is Kim's going to replace his? The Color Splash episodes that I saw were always during the summer.
sgdish sgdish 9 years
I liked watching Kim and hoped she would win from the beginning. Her style was more mainstream with an edge. Kim is a natural in front of the camera. I love Color Splash with David, last year's winner, and can't wait to see Kim's show!
jimmalou1978 jimmalou1978 9 years
Yay! I caught the finale, and for one brief moment I feared that all the Todd-heads had choked up the voting. Thank goodness Kim won! At least she won't need all the hosting prep that David did at the beginning of his show. I love David now, but it took a lot to get him camera-ready. Kim has more natural "hosting talent" than he did at the beginning.
Nightwind Nightwind 9 years
I wanted Kim to win. Too many of Todds rooms were that annoying blue color, I couldnt stand to be in a place with all one color. And he has this annoying energy, acting all hyper and surfer-like. Im not a surfer and I would never have him design any space of mine. I wouldnt trust someone who is like that all the time. Kim was great, I loved her rooms, I loved her when she spoke about them, and she didnt go to interior design school, which I think is awesome. I respect those that are more-so self-taught.
CathleenKelly CathleenKelly 9 years
Her design was more adaptable to the home, I am happy she won
CocoChic CocoChic 9 years
I love Kim! I am so happy she won and I can't wait for her show!
kurniakasih kurniakasih 9 years
I :love: Kim. Voted for her too. :D I like Todd, but I just don't trust him to design for my house :lol:
rlveronica rlveronica 9 years
Yay! I knew she would win! :)
glam-sugar glam-sugar 9 years
I am so happy Kim won and can't wait for her show! I love Color Splash with David Bromstad and I'm sure Kim will be awesome too! :pepino:
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