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Are You a Fan of Hipster Hotels?

I love fashion-forward hotels, but are they sometimes too hip for their own good? That's the question that Portlandia posits in "The Deuce" from episode five of the series.

Have you ever stayed in a hotel that was too cool for its own good, or that privileged aesthetics over customer service? Or was the hipness completely satisfying? Share your experience in the comments. (And also, of course, let me know if you recognize the hotel chain that the Portlandia video is spoofing.)

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lollofit lollofit 5 years
yeah, it's a total spoof of "the Ace" hotel in Portland.
PeaceLoveNutrition PeaceLoveNutrition 6 years
I worked at the Ace Hotel in NYC- it's awesome in there but SUPER trendy! I couldn't handle working there for too long because of it. This spoof made me laugh hysterically
kimsy kimsy 6 years
Oh--re: the Ace, I totally forgot about my newfound love for Stumptown! I get it delivered to my home in the Midwest now, since all other coffees have disappointed us ever since staying at The Ace! And I totally agree about choosing a unique hotel. I find big chain hotels to be kind of depressing.
EricaJane EricaJane 6 years
i like them! i have stayed at Night and Dream in NYC (under the same ownership), and for the most part have had good experiences each time.. there are some places that seem way more expensive than their more mainstream counterparts.. If I can choose, I will always choose a boutique with some unique and cute style over some big chain.. mostly I rely on reviews.. and bed bug registries.
Elka-Karl Elka-Karl 6 years
Yeah, it's the Ace, but by all accounts the Ace is across the board friendly and has a great vibe, just like you said. I think it's just fun for the show to pick on because it's the hotel in Portland that's really well known and would be the go-to place for bands to stay. Very interesting about your experience at The Gansevoort . . .
kimsy kimsy 6 years
Was it The Ace? I've stayed at The Ace in NYC, and I loved it. It was incredibly friendly, it had a great vibe and the lobby always had fun stuff going on. I did have a not so great experience at The Gansevoort in NYC about a year after it opened. Super snooty, and the staff constantly harassed us when we got in the elevator to go to our room. Would not stay there again.
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