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Dining Room Decorating Makeover Ideas

Before and After: A Dining Room Makeover

Here's a post from CasaSugar Community member Funkytime from the Su Casa group:

Since we moved to our new place a month ago, I've been pretty overwhelmed with the amount of work that the place needed! We had so much stuff that I couldn't find a place for. We downsized quite a bit to be able to live in the city again, but it was well worth it. I am just not a country girl at all! Lucky me, I had some good friends and great helpers to get me through the chaos. After moving boxes and furniture from one room to the other, back and forth for days, we finally started to tackle the dining room. Angela, my awesome friend and paintress stood by my side, and we did our down-and-dirty best to make this room livable again. Are you ready?! It's not pretty!

This room was used as a bedroom before. It actually doesn't even have a door. It also looks more like a sunroom or a closed balcony and is pretty narrow. It has a window on the left side that leads to the living room and two different sized windows on the right side. The pictures were taken when the old tenants still lived there.

Continue reading to see more of this dining room makeover!

Getting the basics done:

Fresh coat of paint, hanging the mirror (with help from the guys, that thing was too darn heavy!). The mirror will make the room look more spacious. Our big ol' dining table didn't fit, so we had to go smaller with Ikea's Vika Amon/ Vika Curry for a sweet $54! We also took the window out on the left, with the intention to make some kind of bar or storage for my many glasses and vintage bottles.


Since we have very little space here, I decided to hang some extra chairs on the wall, huge space saver! I found the chairs at a second hand store for $5 a piece.

I needed a chandelier, and since I had an old pulley and mason jars, I came up with this vintage pulley mason jar chandelier. The candle holders are from the flea market.

Here is the end result:

This is it. I hope you like it! I was thinking of painting vertical black block stripes on the back wall, what do you guys think? Enjoy your weekend! See more before and afters on my blog Funkytime! Cheers, Sibylle

Have you been doing any decorating lately? Be sure to share photos with the Su Casa group!

Join The Conversation
Julia-Millay-Walsh Julia-Millay-Walsh 5 years
This space is so impressive! It's so smart how you pushed the table up against the wall.
Steph-at-BirdHouse Steph-at-BirdHouse 5 years
This space is so stunning! Great work!
danielle317 danielle317 5 years
Horizontal stripes on that back wall would be cool, I think.
stephaniepoli stephaniepoli 5 years
I am amazed by what you've accomplished with such a narrow space. Great job! What about painting black stripes on the ceiling? I think that might make the room look larger. Example:
Funkytime Funkytime 5 years
Thanks for the feedback:-) I might just keep it as is;-)
designingmainstreet designingmainstreet 5 years
Your dining room is so cute and creative! I think the idea of stripes might make the room feel smaller. If you want some contrast you could paint the wall beind the shelves. But I like the white :)
lauren lauren 5 years
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