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Do You Embrace Regifting?

While regifting has long been considered a social taboo — anyone else remember the Seinfeld episode "The Label Maker"? — Good magazine is giving the practice a positive spin. Pointing to a new set of tools and graphics from Brain Pickings that encourage people to regift with aplomb this holiday season, regifting is coming out of the shadows. You can download the regifting tags and wrapping paper (shown here) to let folks know that your gift has been regifted, or you don't mind if others regift your item.

Good also puts an eco spin on the practice of regifting, noting,

Making re-gifting socially acceptable helps extend the shelf life of consumer items before they hit the landfill. But it's not enough to destigmatize previously-owned presents—we need to re-gift smarter, too. To ensure you're gifting used things to people who really want them, consider distributing them through a website like Freecycle or Craigslist, or arranging a clothing swap to help friends pick and choose what fits them best. And for times you've been saddled with a real dud, up-gift it by painting, embroidering or otherwise re-crafting the gift into something even better.

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