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Do You Have a Dishwasher?

As a kid, I took it for granted that everyone had a dishwasher. But now that I'm an urban dweller, I realize that they can be pretty rare.


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vmruby vmruby 9 years
Yes i do.... it's brand new and i love it!!!!!
JudyC JudyC 9 years
I put in a new one when I redid my kitchen 2 years ago. I don't cook much and eat sporadically so I've only used my dishwasher a handful of times. It still looks brand new inside.
libs1dlab libs1dlab 9 years
I lived without one for four years and when we moved, finding a house with a dishwasher was a high priority for me. I use it daily but if I had to, I guess I could live without it again.
Karla-Sugar Karla-Sugar 9 years
we have one, but it doesn't work very well... so we use it as a drying rack
celebrity_soup celebrity_soup 9 years
no, and don't need one... i have a cleaning maid for that! lol ...everyday ;)
cupcake_85 cupcake_85 9 years
i don't know what i would do without a dishwasher...well i would wash dishes..and probly eat out lots more.
sweetgranny sweetgranny 9 years
Since there is only the two of us..We don't really need one.It doesn't take that long to do up the few dishes we go through.
mem952 mem952 9 years
the only time i wish i had one was when i have a dinner party. other than that, i use really hot water (the gloves protect my hands) and it doesn't take long- just part of my routine of cleaning the kitchen after i've cooked. i think i use less water this way too. usually i wash and my boyfriend dries- it's a good chance to have a chat after being apart all day!
mnp mnp 9 years
My small apartment doesnt have one! I wish I had one. It cleans the dished a lot better than by hand. I'm a germaphobe so the high heat in the dishwasher is reassuring...
erinjg erinjg 9 years
Yes! I loathe washing dishes by hand...
Danigirl77 Danigirl77 9 years
We have but we never use it...
piesecki piesecki 9 years
I actually don't mind doing the dishes by hand, is that weird? I find it kinda soothing. I hate drying up though, everything just sits by the sink until I use it again!
zoomusicgirl zoomusicgirl 9 years
yes, but i never use it!
Food Food 9 years
we inherited an old portable one when my pal moved into a house with a built-in one. We roll it from the dining area to the kitchen everytime we do dishes, but it's worth the effort. After all, I think this dishwasher is the cornerstone to our relationship, without it we'd probably fight all the time!
scoobylover43 scoobylover43 9 years
We got 1 this year a Used Portable Dishwasher from a wonderful lady we meet through
annebreal annebreal 9 years
I don't have one and I grew up with one (not to mention I barely did any chores as a kid and that is totally biting me in the ass now!) and I miss it sooooo much. I hate dishes and I try not to eat out that often for both my own and my bank account's health...aluminum foil is my friend though!
jen22 jen22 9 years
we have a dishwasher, but we barely use it.
pargie pargie 9 years
Yes, it's a necessity in my home. I'm a bit OCD, I use alot of glasses throughout the day. I only wash when its completely full though.
Meemaroo Meemaroo 9 years
Had a portable for a while, but it broke a few years ago and I didn't replace it because I needed the extra room in the kitchen. Now, I've just finished remodeling my teeny tiny kitchen and have an 18" model installed. Love it! :-)
lahada lahada 9 years
yes, and thankful for it everyday!
Lyv Lyv 9 years
I do, but it's as old as time. I'm not even sure if we still use it, it's seriously jurassic.
arienne arienne 9 years
I spent two years in San Francisco without one and I hope I never have to do that again! It saves time and is better for the environment because it uses less water than washing by hand(assuming you run it when full). Can't get much better than that!
sarabel sarabel 9 years
5 years without a dishwasher. next place has to have one.
BeHappy BeHappy 9 years
been in the house for 2 years with the first dishwasher and have only used it bout 5 times - not even.
leeluvfashion leeluvfashion 9 years
Yes and I adore it! I don't mind washing dishes however this saves water and my manicure.
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