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Do You Have a Platform Bed?

There's something about platform beds that seems much more relaxing than other styles. The low-lying feature instantly makes a bedroom look like exactly what it's meant for . . . sleeping! No reaching over to a waist-height desk in the middle of the night. No eye-level artwork distracting you. Just staring up at the ceiling from below and dozing off.

Do you have a platform bed?


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julsiesf julsiesf 6 years
Casa.... I LOVE that headboard, where is it from???
Rjs-baby-girl Rjs-baby-girl 6 years
No but I do want one. When it's time to shop for bedroom furniture with my husband I'll make sure to let him know it's what I want!
bluestitch bluestitch 6 years
Wish i had one. The one in the pic looks super comfy, you could just jump in and fall asleep!
leeluvfashion leeluvfashion 6 years
No, platform beds are not quite my style. However I would love it if I were at a wellness retreat; there is something very calming and simplistic about certain platform beds/frames.
juicebox07 juicebox07 6 years
Yes, and I love it. It's the perfect height.
Purrsnickety Purrsnickety 6 years
Yep it's from Ikea and I love it.
LiliesandBiscuits LiliesandBiscuits 6 years
We have one out of necessity. Our bedroom is a finished attic with a narrow staircase. We bought the mattress set before the house, and discovered the mattress can be squeezed up the stairs, but no such luck with the box spring. It's a good thing I love platform beds since we didn't have much of a choice!
WarEagleNurse WarEagleNurse 6 years
janetmouse janetmouse 6 years
Just got one a few months ago and love iti!!
skigurl skigurl 6 years
yes, though it looks nothing like the one pictured. it's dark wood and has a dark wood headboard which seamlessly grows up from the frame. it's lovely. though I don't like really low beds, and ours is a regular height.
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