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Do You Have Wallpaper in Your Bathroom?

The condensation from your showers and baths will eventually cause your wallpaper to peel, if you have it in your bathroom. So, it's a big no-no in my book. That is, unless we're talking powder rooms where you're only running the sink; in that case, I wholeheartedly approve! It's better to get playful with paint, like the stripes I painted in my bathroom. Do you have wallpaper in your bathroom? If so, has it peeled?


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sourcherries sourcherries 7 years
Nowhere in the house.
skigurl skigurl 7 years
no no no thankgod!
jvanlohn jvanlohn 7 years
We had a wallpaper in our bathroom. It had been there at least the 7 years we lived there but just recently we had to take it down and paint (due to the peeling). It had a vinyl finish and seemed to hold up pretty well, considering.
kurniakasih kurniakasih 7 years
I used to! Thank goodness we took it off. It was a pain to take 'em off though.
postmodernsleaze postmodernsleaze 7 years
Zyada, that's hilarious! I love stuff that's so obviously 70s. My sister and her husband bought a couch and matching loveseat off Craigslist for $20. They're in practically mint condition, but the print is so hilarious. It's like burnt orange/brown/tan/yellow plaid. It adds quite a kitschy 1970s feel to the room. I know of one bathroom that has wallpaper, but it's only in the powder room. The shower is separated by a door. Otherwise, I think the warping is too much upkeep. Wallpaper in general is too much upkeep for me, no matter which room it's in. Some prints are lovely, but I stick to paint.
Zyada Zyada 7 years
I wish I had kept the little scrap of original wallpaper that I found when I redid my bathroom walls. The house was built in 1977, and the paper was mustard yellow and silver mylar.
RosaDilia RosaDilia 7 years
I do and unfortunately before I moved in to my apartment the landlord painted over it. It looks horrible and where the seams meet it's all curvy and bumpy cause of the steam whenever I take a shower. Worst of all I can't remove it to repaint the bathroom.
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