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When I lived in San Francisco, I schlepped my dirty clothes down three flights of stairs and across two busy intersections to get them squeaky clean. Now that I have a washer and dryer in my home, I feel very, very spoiled. How about you? Are you spoiled with in-home laundry facilities?

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sugar_me_sweet sugar_me_sweet 9 years
ive always had it when i was living with my parents. when i moved out, that's when i had to drive it to the laundromat and wash and dry it. i never realized how great having a washer and dryer was until i moved out.
Kate14909563 Kate14909563 9 years
I use the building has a washer and dryer in the basement but the dryer has been broken for months...come to think of it, I have to do laundry tonight after work.
raptinrainbows raptinrainbows 9 years
oh, yeah! they were top of the list of appliances to get. never mind the stove -- i could do without cooking, but i was so over schlepping laundry!
Performita Performita 9 years
I would NEVER wash my laundry (especially underwear) in a public washer, where god knows who has been washing theirs before me... Call me puritan, but I don't feel comfortable about it... In my country every family, even the poorest one has the washing machine. Only if something is impossible to get clean we take it to the cleaners... And being able to wash stuff when you want and the way we want is fantastic. Driers are expensive but many people also have it. You can buy combo washer-drier using consumer credits so it's not that bad. Most of people have the hangers in the balcony where they dry their laundry. I love the smell of my favourite softeners and detergents that I use and in a way that is very personal, isn't it?
cageyme cageyme 9 years
I, too, remember the schlepping days; the grubbing for quarters, spending your last dime on the dryer that doesn't dry, the sticky floor of the laundromat, carrying heavy baskets to the car over icy sidewalks. I don't miss it at all.
kstraw23 kstraw23 9 years
sadly i have to go to my building's basement. however i am often cheap/lazy/don't feel like scheduling my life around when the machines are available, and sometimes manage to coordinate having to do my laundry with a visit to my parents (who live further out in the suburbs). it makes me feel like i'm in college again :-P
hobbitjean hobbitjean 9 years
my basement my washer my dryer only thing better would be to have it on the same floor that we live on
C1979 C1979 9 years
We have a HE washer and dryer - after 3 years of laundromat cleaning, I needed an awesome machine! They are great and save energy and water! :) Yay!
beingtazim beingtazim 9 years
here in new zealand no buildings have laundry facilities so everyone buys their own. we bought a used washing machine but no dryer but it broke last month and we've just been hand washing and hanging to dry. we took our stuff to a laundromat once and it was $30 for hardly anything! this is such an expensive country! in Canada i make sure the building has machines available. all of them seem to apart from the basement suits and all that. i'd rather hand wash than take stuff to a laundromat.
AutumnLove AutumnLove 9 years
I have a washer only. Years ago you use to be able to go to the laundromat just to dry in NYC, but not anymore. :( So we just line dry out the apartment window.
vmruby vmruby 9 years
yes and i always have.... we just bought a new set less than a year ago.
ducks ducks 9 years
Washing machine. No dryer. I never fit into these polls.
Schaianne Schaianne 9 years
When I lived in Northern Virginia in an apartment bldg ... I schlepped my laundry down 3 floors and paid out the nose (those pay machines are pricey!!) to get them washed - once I moved into my own home, I have always had a w/d and love it!!
mominator mominator 9 years
Yes I have both a washer and and a dryer. I wish I was lucky enough to have 2 a piece. I say every one needs 2 washer 2 dryers, 2 refridgerators (Yay I do), and 2 ovens.
ladybugrenee ladybugrenee 9 years
couldnt live WITHOUT it! thats why im a country mouse and not a city mouse! :)
maddiemay maddiemay 9 years
YES! Finally! We used the one in our basement which creeped me out but once we purchased we were washing things just to wash them... then realized probably not good to do ($, Water, etc) but were just so excited! :-)
Ottalie Ottalie 9 years
Where I live has those old "skinny-minny" combos in every apartment. I have a great set but they are stored until grad school ends, and I get into a proper house!
summer-roberts summer-roberts 9 years
About 5 and a half years ago I did not have either. One visit to the Laundromat resulted in my toddler getting hit with a cart that an older boy was playing with. After that my hubby said no more and bought a set. The last 3 weeks I have had to go back because we are remodling and I cna not use them at this time. Luckily, My MIL has let me use hers and has even done it for me a handful of times. I am looking forward to getting them back.
The-City-Girl The-City-Girl 9 years
I've always been lucky with these, I guess! We had a set growing up, and then in all my places in college there were facilities in the building. Then early this year when looking for a place to buy, a laundry room with hookups was a definite requirement, so when I found a place that included a set in the price, I was even more thrilled! Even though I've had them, it still feels like such a luxury. I see all my neighbors spending their Sundays hauling giant bags of laundry and count my blessings
Ikandy Ikandy 9 years
Not only do I not have a washer and dryer, my building only has 2 of each...drives me nuts...laundromats suck too.
veronicaraye veronicaraye 9 years
def. blessed.
jenehfur jenehfur 9 years
was a MUST when I was apartment hunting!
inertia inertia 9 years
I live in Japan and, like many people here, have a washing machine but no dryer. I hang everything on the line outside or in the bathroom. It takes longer but it's better for the environment. (and better for my electrical bills)
Pammy Pammy 9 years
Yes, I'm lucky to have a washer and a dryer. However, in an effort to be more green, I try not to use the dryer too much and opt for drying racks instead.
MamaD MamaD 9 years
I love mine. Although they are nothing fancy they are in the utility room right off my kitchen and I truly appreciate them all the time!!!! When we built our new house that's the thing I wanted the most....main floor utility room! My extra fridge and my pantry are in there as well! I'm a lucky girl!!
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