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Many of us allow our pets up on the sofa, but all that pet hair can add up to a lot of cleaning. Do you let your pets on your sofa, or do they stay on ground level?

Source: Photo by ansik

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witchbaby witchbaby 8 years
we have a chair with an ottoman that they actually prefer to sleep in instead of the sofa. No human actually sits in the chair anymore its just for my fur babies. We put towels down so we their little smells get on that instead of the hard to clean chair.
luna08 luna08 8 years
I have cats...they decide if I get to sit on the sofa! ;)
mslewis mslewis 8 years
Silly question!! What's the point of having a kitty if she's not allowed on the sofa?? How are you going to cuddle? Just take a toilet brush and get the kitty hair off. It's easy.
amybdk amybdk 8 years
There's no keeping my cat off ANY furniture. Drives me bonkers!
Modus-Vivendi Modus-Vivendi 8 years
I try to say no but I sometimes cave when I want to cuddle and I don't want to sit on the floor. I have a pldge fabric sweeper and it does really well to get the pet hair off.
Spiderlove Spiderlove 8 years
Do my dogs let ME sit on their sofa is more of the question! Lol.
GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 8 years
I agree -- as if a cat can be stopped from getting on the furniture. :)
hippiecowgirl hippiecowgirl 8 years
We said no furniture when we got our lab. That lasted about 2 weeks and then we caved because we wanted to snuggle with her. Not only is she allowed on the couch and chairs, but she sleeps with us now, too. All 75lbs. of her. :)
Betty-M Betty-M 8 years
Like you can stop a cat from getting on the sofa (or anywhere) if it wants to!
Sarahrob Sarahrob 8 years
I live in a loft apartment, and i thought my cat had gotten everywhere he was not allowed to be. I was wrong: one day he climbed up on to the scaffolding in between the rooms, since they don't go all the to the ceiling and now he has made it to the exposed piping and air conditioning ducts. Such a naughty kitten but I love him, and it looks like a dream jungle gym for a cat.
MadEddy MadEddy 8 years
My cat likes to play "the floor is now lava." She'll hop from furniture to furniture without touching the floor if she can. She can't really do that in my new apartment, though, because I don't have enough furniture. The back and arms of the couch are her favorite places, though, and I don't have the heart to keep her off.
runningesq runningesq 8 years
on the sofa, on our bed, in the laundry basket .. wherever the cats damn well please ;)
princessangry princessangry 8 years
Bouncer is very welcome on the sofa - even though he stretches out and takes up most of it :)
zoorph zoorph 8 years
Cats up on the sofa, in the bed, in other peoples' beds... She snuck in to my allergic roommate's bed when roomie left the door open to go to the potty early one morning. I awoke to shrieks and a thoroughly satisfied kittyface. I don't know where she learned to love torturing the inept. I really don't.
pattyfuss pattyfuss 8 years
I've always let my dogs up on my couch & bed to sleep with me. Now that I have a man, they still think they can & it's a little awkward sometimes! I need to break them of the habit!
tiaramh tiaramh 8 years
i had a puppy for a few months and she KNEW she was not supposed to be on the couch or bed.... but she would try whenever she thought she could get away with it. In the morning i would always catch her hanging out on the couch when i got out the shower - as soon as she saw me she would jump down but i'm sure she found bliss in those few minutes every day.
kscincotta kscincotta 8 years
We've been so strict with our dog over the years about getting up on furniture that now when we invite her onto the bed for some cuddles, she hops right back down because she's just more comfortable on the floor. Of course, she has blankets & beds all throughout our place to make sure she has comfy spots to lie down since she can't be on the furniture.
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