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Do You Like Faux Finish Painting?

Love It or Hate It? Faux Finishes

Different strokes for different folks . . . literally. When it comes to paint, I like my walls one solid hue. I'm obsessed with stripes and accenting with ceiling colors, but faux finish? Not really my style. But, some people just can't wait to get a sponge and brush out and add a little texture to their home. What's your leaning — faux or no?



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ColorHelp ColorHelp 5 years
I am soooo over faux finish. I agree, it's hard to get right and in most cases, doesn't add anything to the room. When it's paired with all that Hobby Lobby dark iron/silk flowers/heavy brown leather furniture look, it just becomes ghastly. Worst of all is when they have faux in -every- room, even the kitchen where typically there is already too much pattern going on.
dezignerwannabe dezignerwannabe 7 years
I don't care for it and it usually winds up looking like a wall that's had water damange...juss sayin!
chloe-bella chloe-bella 7 years
I liked faux finishes in 1995.
jaxsprat jaxsprat 7 years
I actually did a faux in apartment I had years ago. I painted a a transculent looking palette that reminded me of the sunsets I saw in Tuscany. I really loved it then but I don't know if I'd repeat it now. It was really pretty and relaxing more of a cloudy texture.
CoconutPie CoconutPie 7 years
Hate it. Really, really hate it.
starbucks2 starbucks2 7 years
Ew, it usually looks so tacky. This is absolutely my interior design pet peeve. I guess it could look kinda good when done right, but it usually doesn't!
Zyada Zyada 7 years
I think that it is something that is really hard to pull off well, and it is a ton of work. All the special tools in the world won't make it come out right, either. I've done one wall in my current house and the previous house I owned. I only do the faux granite method. I think my current one came out better to a great extent because the colors do look like natural stone (as opposed to the previous wall where I used a rather vibrant set of greenish blues).
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