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Do You Live in a Healthy Green City?

Why should a city go green? Well, for one thing, a green, healthy city means that the air and water will be cleaner, which means that the residents will be healthier and less likely to suffer from conditions like asthma. There's also a rapidly growing green economy, which means that there will be better job security in a green city. And cities that have more parks and access to green space are just nicer to live in. My hometown of Berkeley, California, made it on the recently released list of the United States' top green cities, thanks in part to its park systems, biking and public transit use, and environmental organizations.

To see if your city made the cut, just

  • Austin, Texas, makes the list for its green energy plan, among other great green features this city can boast.
  • Charlottesville, Virginia, makes the list for its vast parks and its Environmental Sustainability policy.
  • Over 85% of Eugene, Oregon's power comes from hydroelectric and wind sources.
  • The beautiful midwestern city of St. Paul, Minnesota, has preserved t25% of its land as green space. To meet C02 level goals by 2020, the city is completing a light rail system and working to achieve 25% renewable energy.
  • Ann Arbor, Michigan, made the cut for its residents' commitment to public transit as well as its huge network of parks.

There are 22 more cities on the list. To see if your city is one of them, check here for the full list of green cities.


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