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Do You Trust Craigslist Listings Without Pictures?

Whenever I use Craigslist for apartment hunting, I tend to gravitate toward the listings with pictures, sometimes even eliminating those without altogether by checking the "has image" box. It seems like a no brainer: if you have an amazing place and want to grab the attention of a lot of people, you would make sure they can see how fabulous it is. So without pictures, potential tenants are thinking, "What's wrong with it?" But it has occurred to me that there could be legitimate reasons for why the posting doesn't include images. Maybe it's still being renovated, the landlord hasn't had updated photos taken, photos don't do it justice, it's too tiny for good shots, or the current tenant's furniture is still in the apartment. What do you think? Share your good or bad experiences with photo-free Craigslist ads in the comments below.

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