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Spend a buck to save a buck rings true for many homeowners, especially as cutting our carbon footprints seems to be equally important as cutting costs these days. Tankless water heaters are the buzz right now, and for good reason, too — my friend Lou Manfredini pointed out that the efficient water heaters can help reduce your total energy consumption by up to 30 percent. But that's only if you can foot the bill, since having one installed runs around $3,500. Yikes! My old water heater is on it's very last leg so I'll be making switch after it's heated its last drop of water. Do you already use a tankless water heater?

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carolynz carolynz 7 years
jaydub- you might be able to take your traditional water heater to a metal recycling facility and get some money for the scrap value of the metal. Also check your local habitat for humanity - I believe most of them only want new water heaters, but it's worth a shot.
jaydub jaydub 7 years
I don't have a house yet (soon though, Apr 30) and we are thinking of replacing our (huge) water heater with a tankless. Around here the unit is about $1000, and you say the installed price is $3500? $2500 for installation? What gives in that price. Also any good ideas of what to do with a useful traditional water heater when we make the upgrade?
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