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Easy and Affordable Decorating Ideas

This 7-Day Challenge Will Make Your Dream Home a Reality

If you can't seem to bridge the gap between the homes you see on Pinterest and your own space, you might be overthinking it. Instead of completely redecorating your place in just a week, take it one day at a time by accomplishing these easy styling projects. You'll be surprised by the difference!

Color-code the books on your shelves by their bindings.

Rearrange the furniture in at least one room of your house.

Transform your sofa with a throw blanket.

Wash your bathroom mat, towels, and shower curtain, or consider replacing them.

Edit your collectables and clutter. Donate anything unwanted to charity.

Use spray paint to transform at least one household item.

Arrange your favorite buds into an easy, stylish bouquet.

We made this handy graphic so you can have these easy styling steps in one place. Take the challenge and pass it on:

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Source: POPSUGAR Photography

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