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Easy and Eco Valentine's Gift Ideas

Easy and Eco Valentine's Ideas From Greenhouse Design Studio

Ahhhhh! An entire day dedicated to love. What could be better? Finding a thoughtful present that doesn't cost you an arm and a leg, you say? That's just the kind of challenge that Laurie from Greenhouse Design Studio loves. "Valentine's Day doesn't have to be overpriced dinners or flowers that will only last a few days," she says. "The most precious thing that you can give is attention and time."

Greenhouse was founded by Laurie and her husband in 2011 to answer that nagging question "how do I know what I'm really putting in my home?" Everything in the Greenhouse collection is sustainable in some way: made from sustainable materials, artisan made, or vintage. Here are a few of Laurie's favorite ways to say "I love you."

Laurie's Tips

  • Build a library of great love stories to inspire your own
    Your local bookstore is a treasure trove of romance, all you have to do is open a book! Start with Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen or The French Lieutenant’s Woman by John Fowles and grow it from there. Bonus points for reading them together!
  • Put your feelings in writing
    Write all the reasons you love your sweetheart on slips of paper and put them in a pretty bottle. Your honey can place it on a shelf and read your declarations of love over and over again.
  • Host a private cocktail hour
    Give your honey some homemade bitters, a bottle of scotch, and some pretty (eco friendly!) glasses, and plan a date at home! Mix and enjoy a delicious old-fashioned and some good conversation, just the two of you.
  • Give a nice reminder of how you feel that will be used every day
    It doesn't matter if your honey drinks coffee or tea, these mugs ($30) are a perfect reminder that you think that they are 'handsome" and that you love them. You could also slip a sweet note into their bag or pocket!
  • Aw, thank you for the good suggestions, Laurie! We are feeling more loving already.

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