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Eco-Friendly Ways to Kill Weeds

4 Eco-Friendly Ways to Kill Weeds

If your backyard is beginning to look like a wilderness campground, it may be time to get rid of the weeds. Instead of spending hours "weeding," just hit 'em where it hurts and actually kill your weeds. You don't need a toxic chemical spray to do this; there are four easy, eco-friendly ways to say au revoir to that unwelcome greenery.

  1. Take a pitcher of hot water and pour it all over the plants you want to kill, and it will basically boil the weeds to death.
  2. If you've got a more expansive area to deal with — say you're planting a garden bed in an area that was once all weed growth — cover the grass with a thick tarp, shopping bags, or even a canvas dropcloth. This will prevent the plants from getting the access to the sun that they need, so they will eventually die.
  3. To see the next two,


  4. You can also douse your weeds with lemon juice and they'll shrivel with a day or two.
  5. If hot water and lemon juice aren't a feasible option, you can pour cheap white vinegar over your weeds. The acidic liquid will send 'em to the graveyard.
Join The Conversation
rhythm261 rhythm261 7 years
Dandylions are a real problem where we live, they are blowing like snow.
Zyada Zyada 7 years
"How is it eco friendly when you have to burn a bunch of coal to generate the energy to boil the water? " Microwaving water is fairly energy efficient. Now compare that to energy used to manufacture and transport commercial poisons, the known and unknown problems with poisons in the environment, the problems with disposing unused weed-killers, the likelihood for home-users to misuse these products, and the proximity that most home-users are to people who do not want to use them... There isn't going to be a 100% perfect solution to any problem. Even elbow grease isn't perfect, because it takes a great deal of time and personal energy, which many people are not going to invest. Boiling water is a method which has a lot less negative environmental impact than common chemical methods while not being expensive in terms of personal effort.
Home Home 7 years
Hi Zyada, acid etches concrete. So if you repeatedly kill weeds this way, you could end up with crumbly concrete. But then again, white vinegar isn't really strong enough to really etch the concrete. You need something like Muriatic acid to do the trick . . . I'd recommend using boiling water instead.
Zyada Zyada 7 years
My next question is, what will lemon juice/vinegar do to concrete? One of my most problematic areas is right next to the driveway.
Bettye-Wayne Bettye-Wayne 7 years
Great tips! But a day or two too late... my mom just poisoned her poor yard Wednesday night. I will definitely remember these though. Thanks!
Home Home 7 years
Ha! Well maybe you should forward them this post! (Or sneak over in the middle of the night.)
ella1978 ella1978 7 years
Loving this.. I have an area next to my garage that is hard to manage.. I'll be dousing this with hot water AND lemon juice! I wish I could get my neighbors to do the same in the area next to their garage!
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