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Everygirl Introduces Kate Davison

This San Francisco Home Is Loaded With Style Inspiration

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The Everygirl takes us inside Kate Davison's effortlessly minimalist San Francisco home!

Minimalism is one of those things that looks easy to achieve. Clean lines, neutral palettes, and simple features. How difficult could it be, right? If you're an Everygirl who's tried her hand at interior design — on any level — you know that's hardly the case. "Where do I put all of my belongings? What do I do with all of the clutter?"

Not Kate Davison. She does it right. Her home is a minimalist dream, but is by no means empty. Filled with rustic touches and hearty furniture, this San Francisco apartment is a breath of fresh air. Subtle pops of color perfectly contrast the crisp white walls. And for a girl who's never lived more than 20 miles away from her hometown before now, this Georgia peach did a pretty flawless job creating a new home a coast away. Ironically, she credits packing her truck up with pieces of decor from her family that made the transition smooth: "There was just something nostalgic about waking up in a foreign city but still surrounded by familiar things." Exactly. She's also has us rethinking the old family heirloom pieces that our mothers tried to push on us, but we couldn't bring ourselves to save. Sorry, Mom.

Previously an archivist and now exploring creative roles at a start-up, Kate has a résumé anyone would envy. So read on to find out more about Kate, enjoy this peek around her lovely abode, and hear her advice on finding the perfect decor. Oh, and Kate claims the clutter is hidden somewhere, but we don't believe her.

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