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Factors in Choosing a New Home

What Are Your Housing Dealbreakers?

Unless you're currently living in your dream house, chances are you had to make some compromises when you chose your current digs. Maybe you sacrificed square footage for a dishwasher, gave up outdoor space in order to be right in the middle of the city, or put up with drafty windows and creaky floors in exchange for your home's vintage charm.

Once you've moved a few times, you get a sense of what you're willing to sacrifice for other benefits, and what you won't budge on. Everyone's dealbreakers are different; what are yours?


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Nancy-Einhart Nancy-Einhart 5 years
No closet space. Seriously, I once looked at a very spacious apartment with ZERO closets.
le-romantique le-romantique 5 years
Hmm... nothing really. My townhouse is ideal, right by Tampa (airport) and downtown St. Pete (life and culture). The AC is acting up, so living in Florida makes that horrible... I have a 1970s mirror wall, but I love it because its reflecting my Tiffany Blue wall, but everyone else seems to "lol" at it. I guess the thing that I would complain most about is living inbetween two people. Kinda wish I had an end unit.
katialoves katialoves 5 years
im in vancouver and actual houses are not affordable for us except in sketchy parts of long commute subburbs (and those houses are still at least 400k!) so we have one small condo and wish for a large one or a townhouse and the main deal breakers are high strata fees (over 300) lease-holds as opposed to freeholds (meaning payments to native bands or the possibility of them or the city not renewing the leases) condos with shared laundry rooms as opposed to insuite laundry, and low ceilings with that depressing vibe. anything else id be happy to work with in a good location. #2 physical petpeeve is a large and ugly fireplace.
JoneyStar JoneyStar 5 years
Being in a small town with no recreation or stores. We have to drive at least 15 miles to get to a major shopping plaza, movie theater or mall. We do have Walmart and Best buy and Ross and BB&B. But that's it besides a few grocery stores. But anything you need outside of that you have to drive a ways.
edeegan edeegan 5 years
location. location. location. our last home back to a noisy road. never again. the new house backs to a quiet, beautiful golf course.
Stacy-W Stacy-W 5 years
Not having a parking space is a deal breaker for me. Nothing is worse than having a car full of stuff to unload and no where to park!
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