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Listen up feline lovers! Are you longing for the day that "work" involves endless slideshows of mischievous, adorable kittens? Do you find yourself making excuses and not going out on the weekend because you'd rather stay at home playing with little Lola? Maybe you're not so far gone — but everyone knows you adore everything feline.

Today's your lucky day! Fresh Step is giving you an opportunity to show the love, and they're celebrating by giving away $1,000. All you have to do is tell us about your furry friend — if your cat were a celebrity, who would they be? Does your cat have the cool confidence of James Dean, or the commanding presence of Diana Ross? Leave a comment below and you'll be entered for a chance to win $1,000. Just think of how many cat toys you could buy — or even better, how many matching cat sweaters!

Leave a comment below for your chance to win!

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MollyRBC MollyRBC 5 years
My black and white polydactile cat would be like Dan Akroyd, full of mischief and he also likes to steal stuff ... if my lipstick is missing, he is the one to blame!
jennabriggs jennabriggs 5 years
Aside from the wearing of Ray-Bans and the dating of Robert Pattinson, my cat Crackers is the feline doppelganger of Kristen Stewart.  Both share a reputation of being standoffish and aloof, yet they are equally sweet and friendly when they let their guard down.  However, neither is shy about expressing their opinions, whether it's calling out the intrusive paparazzi (K. Stew) or swiping a paw at an intrusive grooming tool (C. Kers).  Either way, both will do so by throwing down an equally cold stare.
bjrees bjrees 5 years
My Miss Rebel is a Lindsay Lohan.  Sassy and cops an attitude like you can't believe.  When she wants her loving she wants it now but don't touch me unless I indicate I want you too.  Thank god she can't drive a car :)   It's an all about me attitude.
donnac36 donnac36 5 years
Whiskers is like Steven Tyler because he has great swagger and knows how to use it to impress my guests.  He is quite the character always commanding attention, and boy does he love getting attention from his admiring fans. If he could talk he would say, "Keep the rubs coming, dont stop."  He has a sweet sexy purr just like Mr. Tyler.  When I dress him up in colorful scarves he loves it and screeches out a '"Yow yow yow"!
vanillagirl85 vanillagirl85 5 years
Mott is my wee Russian blue. He was given to me by a client of my boyfriend; the poor man had some difficulties in his home life, and he had to give up his little companion. It was unfortunate for him...but great for me!! Mott likes sleeping in my armpit and sitting on the counter while I cook dinner. He also has a nasty habit of knocking over everything on my vanity if I don't wake up to feed him. But then he rolls on his back for a tummy rub, and all is forgiven.
Jennifer2466580 Jennifer2466580 5 years
My cat Lucy is a orange tabby. She has a great fun loving personality like her namesake Lucille Ball. Lucy is from a litter of rescued feral kittens...She never misses an opportunity to be the center of attention!
Misscaribean Misscaribean 5 years
My cat Maïa is my little princess. If I had to pick a celebrity I would say she is  like Angelina Jolie because she is beautiful with amazing blue eyes, slender, gracious like a black panther and so sweet! 
Kristen0619 Kristen0619 5 years
My cats are celebrities in thier own right but if I had to pick a celebrity that would most remind me of my cats they would be: Jackson is wild and crazy like Steve Martin Bella is proper, calm and over sees all our cat kindom like Queen Elizabeth
Laura2430050 Laura2430050 5 years
My cat Cole (cuz he's charcoal) would be Waldo from the book "Where's Waldo" because we always find him hiding in crazy places!
yen-yen yen-yen 5 years
If my cat Cheese were a celebrity, he would be Fabio Lanzoni. Good looking orange tabby, white paws and a white poofy chest. Smooth with all the human ladies that visit our home and extra smooth when he needs a relaxing head rub. A gentlecat in every way, will pur for permission to cuddle up. If there were feline romance novels, Cheese would be on the cover.
Ryan2429227 Ryan2429227 5 years
If my cat, Mr. Paws, was a celebrity he would be the late Walter Matthau.  My cat has acted like a grumpy old man since he was a kitten, but he's really a big ol' softy at heart.  We've lived together for 10 years as the Odd Couple driving each other nuts (he poops on the floor, I clean it up), and yet we can't imagine life without each other.  Plus the physical resemblance is uncanny - they share the same eyebrows and lopsided smile.
USArmy USArmy 5 years
My cat is a diva.  Whines about everything and listens to no one.  Rather picky on what she will eat and gets finicky when she doesn't get her way.  As far as what female star she would be, I say pick one.  Aren't they all spoiled?
Ourania2412101 Ourania2412101 5 years
My cat Ritz would be Joe Peschi.. He gets annoyed easily, likes to bully the neighborhood cats, is the biggest of all the cats on the block as hes a round 20 lb cat. He likes things done his way, strikes when you least expect it, and definitely doesn't like joking around..but at the end of the day has a soft spot to be pet underneath that rough exterior.
eksarran eksarran 5 years
My cat, Squeak, would be Megan Fox because she is, as they say "too cool for school." Doesn't beg for attention, but rather does her own thing and waits for people to come to her. And everyone loves her regardless. My other cat, Harlem, is the complete opposite--where the people are, but totally laid back when he's in that situation (he knows everyone loves him, and he can just show up at the party and be the center of a whirlwind of admiration)--a complete Ryan Gosling or George Clooney. 
emilyplayscello emilyplayscello 5 years
My cat Daisy is beautiful and cuddly, but sassy! She's got the sweet innocence of Katie Holmes with a feisty, I-do-what-I-want attitude like Pink.
Donnie2398354 Donnie2398354 5 years
Our cat Jaqueline would be Liz Taylor.
lauralou555 lauralou555 5 years
My cat sweetie would be sharon stone circa basic instinct. She looks so sweet and innocent but when she gets close to you she puts her claws in you and puuurrs like a maniac!
CarolHotPink CarolHotPink 5 years
Frank Sinatra because he looks just like young Frank, has big blue eyes, and the most important part: everytime we put a song he meows together, his name is Serapis Bey but his nickname is Frankie!
brittb123 brittb123 5 years
My cat would be the Notorious B.I.G. His name is Biggie Smalls (naturally) and he is the gangsta cat of the neighborhood. He loves to eat fantastic meals of fish and chicken (preferably of the Whiskas variety). Also, he spits some mad meows and the ladies love him. If you don't know, now you know.
arcticpuppet arcticpuppet 5 years
my cat Phil is pretty amazing. he's like the chuck norris of cats!
grace_08 grace_08 5 years
My cat would be Angelina Jolie - beautiful, but with a haughty sense of self importance.
evLeigh evLeigh 5 years
My cats, Lena and Inga, doppelgangers are Zoey and Ginger from <a href="" target="_blank">Paul Klusman's "An Engineer's Guide to Cats"</a>  Those kitties celebrity statuses there with Felix and Garfield!
Jess2338392 Jess2338392 5 years
My cat would be Mel Gibson because he is a jerk. But when he's not being a jerk he's really cute (not sure if that goes for Mel too)
msparks74 msparks74 5 years
Ian McKellen - Can play both the good and the bad guy.
Tingleskaspicawin Tingleskaspicawin 5 years
Moskau ..half main coon and half himmy.. thinking.  can i retry to do this later?
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