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I recently asked you who your handyman is and which tasks around the house you undertake yourself, and which ones you designate to others. Not surprisingly, you're a talented bunch, and some of you cited that you sign up for tasks like installing dishwashers and light fixtures, sanding, plastering, building window shades from scratch, and refinishing furniture. But, according to Popular Mechanics, there are some DIYs that should be left to professionals. To hear which tasks you should avoid and why,


  • Electrical work, particularly "extending existing electrical circuits or adding new ones," should be left to specialists, because it can result in electric shock or fire if attempted by an inexperienced DIYer.
  • Plumbing, particularly attempting to "modify a home’s water-supply lines or hot-water heating system," could result in flood or fire.
  • Tree cutting, in all forms, can put you and nearby property at risk (think sliced flesh and fallen limbs).
  • Unless you're roofing a dog house, the risk of falling involved in roofing is too great.
  • Removing walls without knowledge of your building's structure (load-bearing walls) can cause floors and roofs to come crashing down. Let's just say the neighbors will not love you.

Read the Popular Mechanics article for more details.

Join The Conversation
krystij krystij 8 years
Oy, I'm definitely leaving the trees to the pros! Back in high school, one of my friends was helping her dad cut some tree limbs and he had her hold a limb out for him to cut. Unfortunately, the chain saw hit a knot in the limb and somehow bounced off or something and sliced into her arm. Luckily, it only sliced into the muscle and not all the way through, but when it finally healed the skin was a bit tighter so she couldn't extend her arm out all the way. Needless to say, she her season on the crew team was cut off. no pun intended of course.
lawchick lawchick 9 years
we have done some VERY minor electrical work ourselves, like replacing a light fixture. for anything more serious, we always call in the pros. also I tried to fix a leaky sink and ended up making it much worse and more costly to fix... sooo no more amateur plumbing projects for me!
millarci millarci 9 years
I second that StefaPie! :)
StefaPie StefaPie 9 years
My dad taught me a lot of home repair, and told me I could fix anything I put my mind to, with 2 exceptions: Electrical, which I was happy to see listed, but also anything involving gas. Installing a stove, hot water heater, etc... Basically the rule was, if it can start a fire or blow me up, I should leave it to the pros.
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