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Flora Grubb Bouquet Photos

Valentine's Day Bouquet Inspiration From Flora Grubb

If I had my druthers, I'd have fresh flowers in every room of my home year-round. But a standard bouquet of roses simply isn't my taste. When it comes to bouquets, I prefer flowers that embrace the other — grasses, succulents, tillandsia, even carnivorous plants, are all favorites in my bouquets. Thankfully, San Francisco's own Flora Grubb is the go-to resource for beautiful, out-of-the-ordinary arrangements. Flora's on-site floral designer, Susie Nadler, is responsible for the gorgeous bouquets you'll see in the following pages. She's available for events, weddings, and parties.

Additionally, local residents can take advantage of three upcoming events at Flora Grubb, including two free succulent arrangement classes and a fee-based bird cage aerium class. Keep clicking for a look at some unusually gorgeous floral arrangements, as well as a link to the Valentine's Day arrangements Flora Grubb is offering this year!

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