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Flower Display Ideas

Flower Power: 9 Ideas For Nailing Easy Arrangements

If you are inspired by flowers but stumped on how to display them, fear not! Since flowers are one of the easiest and quickest ways to transform a space, we gathered a bunch of ideas (floral pun!) to inspire you to try your hand at displaying fresh blooms — even if you only have one.

A bunch of flowers brightens up the work day when placed on your desk! If you change the water every other day, a bouquet of roses will last all week.

We love arranging things by color, and flowers are no exception! By using a similar metal vase for all of the arrangements, the rainbow effect is even more pronounced.


One bloom is all you need to make a big impact. Make sure you use a vase with a small opening — commonly called a bud vase — so that your single flower stays upright.

No vase, no problem! This repurposed metal can works perfectly once the label has been removed.

More easy floral display ideas after the jump!

Using a planter as a vase ensures that top-heavy arrangements don't get knocked over. If you are using a planter with a hole in it, simply place a glass vase inside the planter for a similar effect.

A bark-covered vase offers a nice counterpoint to delicate flowers and looks especially good paired with a slightly wild-looking arrangement.

An arrangement doesn't have to share a vase! These peonies double the drama when split up between two complementary vases.

If you don't have enough flowers to fill a vase, leave the stems long and group them to one side. That way they look full and deliberately arranged!

Apothecary bottles are inexpensive and look great when used in multiples. Try them down the middle of a table at your next Fall dinner party!

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