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Flux Productions Creates a Brilliant Version of the Classic American Quilt

Ever since I first ran into Ryan Greer's stand, Flux Productions, at the Brooklyn Flea Market this past May, I've been a little obsessed with his line of handcrafted leather and cork bags, bracelets, and bicycle packs. I'm far from his only admirer, either — Ryan has collaborated with Thakoon and Osborn Design — and he's also dressed Justin Bieber's backup dancers. His work has also been featured everywhere from J. Crew's blog to GQ

Flux Production's latest offering are these very cool leather and cork wall art pieces, which remind me of a classic quilt. I talked to Ryan about his inspiration for this new offering from Flux Productions, which are available in numbers of 12, 15, and 20 and will cost $120, $150, or $190, respectively, for the sets. Currently, there's one listing for a set of 15 availble.

CasaSugar: What was your inspiration for this new project?

Ryan Greer: I'm very interested in old textiles and woven rugs and the new project seemed like a good opportunity to create something that referenced traditional quilt and rug patterns while using materials that have a more masculine, industrial feel (leather and cork).


Keep reading for the rest of the interview and a closer look at the new project from Flux productions.
CS: How do you imagine it being displayed?

RG: I imagined this as a more interesting and tactile wall decal. I like the effect of wall decals but I've always been a little disappointed with the material of them. Vinyl is great for a flat silhouette but it really lacks anything in the way of character and texture. I generally think of these pieces as being displayed in a grid on a plain painted wall and using the negative space around each star to create other shapes.

CS: I immediately thought that this was a great masculine re-imagining of a traditional quilt. Do you see men displaying it?

RG: I really think this could work for men or women. I really love when old quilts are created from used and salvaged workwear and you can see materials traditionally associated with working class men put together in a medium associated with women's quilting. This is meant to create that same type of crossover in terms of its references. The idea of an arrangeable changing wall piece doesn't seem like it would be too specific to either men or women.

CS: Where do you source your materials?

RG: The leather I use is mostly from American tanneries and the cork is imported from Portugal and applied to a fabric backing on the West Coast. With leather it's important for me to be able to pick out individual pieces for their textures and colors so I spend a lot of time in leather shops looking for just the right piece.

CS: I believe you transport everything by bike. Is that correct?

RG: I do actually. I live and work in Brooklyn and have a regular spot at both Brooklyn Flea locations so a bike with a trailer seemed like the perfect solution to getting everything to the markets each week. I love it because it's basically a one time investment to buy a bike and build a trailer and after that you travel for free, never worry about parking and traffic, and get to ride around Brooklyn in the early hours of the morning. It's my favorite way to see the city in general so it adds a little enjoyment to every work day.

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