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Free Home Decorating Ideas

60 Free Home DIYs to Try

You may be strapped for cash, but that doesn't mean your home has to be strapped for style. If you're seeking free ways to hit the refresh button, here are 60 ideas to update your digs on even the smallest of budgets. Whether it's turning "trash" into something useful (hint: an empty wine bottle) or doing a little weekend rearranging, let it be known that not all transformations have to break the bank! Pick a few, and your wallet will thank you.

  1. Color code the books on your shelves by their bindings.
  2. Transform your sofa by using these styling tricks with a throw blanket.
  3. Use your Christmas lights to decorate your home instead of your tree.
  4. Use spray paint to transform your kitchen's hardware.
  5. Arrange your favorite buds into an easy, stylish bouquet.
  6. Put your bathroom toiletries on display using a tray.
  7. Finally hang your art!
  8. Switch out the photos in your frames with new ones.
  9. Rearrange a room's layout with these tips.
  10. Bring your outdoor pieces inside and vice versa.
  11. Try layering two of your favorite rugs together.
  12. Bust out your favorite linens for dinner tonight.
  13. Turn your fashion into decor.
  14. Rearrange your art into a gallery wall.
  15. Get organized with these household hacks.
  16. Hang your favorite scarf above your headboard.
  17. Recycle papers and magazines that have spent too long sitting on your bedside table.
  18. Put any sentimental postcards on display.
  19. Replace your dresser's pulls.
  20. Clear off the clutter from your fridge.
  21. Line your kitchen shelves.
  22. Turn an old calendar into office art.
  23. Wash your curtains — it will make a big difference.
  24. Use paint to transform a plain pillow.
  25. Turn your jewelry into decor by putting it on display.
  26. Camouflage unsightly cable cords.
  27. Clean your leather furniture.
  28. Paint a border around your dresser.
  29. Turn old magazines into wall art with this trick.
  30. Use fashion to break up a bookcase or shelf.
  31. Turn mason jars into vases with a coat of paint.
  32. Create your dream house on Pinterest; it will come in handy one day.
  33. Polish your wood furniture.
  34. Hang artwork with cable instead of nails.
  35. Style your coffee table.
  36. Use an extra tray to create a mini bar.
  37. Mix your favorite books with your favorite accents.
  38. Add stylish storage to your bedroom.
  39. Embrace the jungalow trend with a new houseplant.
  40. Turn kraft paper into a kitchen focal point.
  41. Use wallpaper to create the look of a marble tabletop.
  42. Edit down your pillows.
  43. Host a decor swap with your friends.
  44. Hang a piece of art with a clothing hanger.
  45. Organize your entryway by hanging a few hooks.
  46. Throw out any evidence of fake flowers.
  47. Try an alternative nightstand (aka wine crates!).
  48. Turn wine bottles into dresser decor.
  49. Rearrange your closet.
  50. Use a decorative bowl as a unique alternative to a tray.
  51. Change out a light bulb to work wonders in a drab room.
  52. Turn teacups into planters.
  53. Use extra wallpaper scraps in unexpected ways.
  54. Decorate small accessories with washi tape.
  55. Transform a small stool into a bathroom table.
  56. Add a pop of color to any room by spray painting dollar-store baskets.
  57. Search Craigslist for a (free) piece of furniture.
  58. Print out your favorite Instagram photos.
  59. Change your computer's desktop to match your decor.
  60. Edit your collectables. Donate anything unwanted to charity.

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