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Did you ever notice how the cleaner your home looks, the yuckier it smells? That’s because the products you need to get your floors, windows, and counters sparkling usually have such a harsh, chemical scent that you’re forced to air out the house afterwards. Seems counterproductive, right?

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day certainly thinks so, as do the loyal fans who love Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day products. With soaps, sprays, scrubs, and laundry products that smell like a garden but still work like the dickens on daily dirt and grime, it’s like giving yourself an aromatherapy treatment every time you clean!

Visit the website now to check out Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day's extensive collection of products. Shop by scent to find the perfect fragrance for your home-cleaning needs. After a long day, our personal favorite is lavender, with its soothing, tranquilizing aroma that actually helps relieve fatigue. Add it to your household routine, and enjoy a clean home that smells as good as it feels — no gloves or mask required!