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From the Archives: Chalkboard Paint

For Dress Your Walls month, I thought I'd repost some bright ideas I had earlier in the year that relate to this month's theme. It's sometimes hard to dig these up from the archives on your own, so I'm finding the best ones for you to save you the trouble. When I find any archived posts that are particularly helpful for this month's theme, I'll run them in addition to the regular posts I'm putting up each day.

Whether you have kids or you just like the idea of writing on the wall, chalkboard paint like this one from Rust-Oleum is a fun and funky way to liven up a wall, a cabinet, or any patch of blank space where you need to jot down notes.

Available in green or black — I love the green for its retro schoolroom feel — the paint turns any wall into a writable and erasable surface. Because it works on wood, metal, glass, and plastics, it's incredibly versatile. Paint a patch of it on your office wall, or resurface the front of your fridge.

Of course, it's great for kids' rooms, but rather than cover an entire wall, why not use this idea from Real Simple and create cool silhouette, such as a house- or tree-shaped chalkboard?

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lexichloe lexichloe 9 years
I think this may be cool for my laundry room. It's still unpainted, and a great space. Don't know what I'd write other than, "Do the laundry!"
beingtazim beingtazim 9 years
i'm glad that this stuff has changed a lot since when i was a kid. my mom used some in her montessori/daycare but it wouldn't wipe off easily when you wanted to chalk something else on. :(
emma- emma- 9 years
This is fantastic.
JaimeLeah526 JaimeLeah526 9 years
I love the idea of not doing a whole wall but doing a little silhouette on one wall.
jenb jenb 9 years
Oops... sorry, wrong link...this is the correct one:
jenb jenb 9 years
Although I love the idea of turning the fridge into a chalkboard, I'm not sure I'd love the look of painting it on (too permanent for me)... so I'd probably use these removable vinyl chalkboard 19" squares that I could put on the fridge, wall, window, anywhere... and REMOVE them when I'm ready:
CJChaps CJChaps 9 years
I love this idea! It's so much better to paint the front of an old refrigerator rather than trying to cram everything onto the little chalkboards. Also, the silhouette idea is great for a child's room :)
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 9 years
So sweet!
cindeerella cindeerella 9 years
that's SOO awesome!!
quelle quelle 9 years
very cool. i'm gonna look into this :)
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