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Gender-Neutral Decorating Ideas

Assisted Living: Decorating With the Boyfriend

Assisted Living group member Quindalina is moving in with her boyfriend and having a decorating dilemma:

The problem is, how do you design a flat (especially the bedroom) in a neutral style without being too girly? Right now my studio is full of pastels and bright colors: pink bedspread, flowers, pictures everywhere, etc. We are moving next week and I'm thinking of design ideas and color themes but cannot come up with anything, help!!

I think my 10 Gender-Neutral Bedrooms post should help any of you who are moving in with a boyfriend or husband. You should find a lot of inspiration and tips there. But I think the thing to remember is that balance is key. Anything overly masculine or feminine won't do — say goodbye to florals and pink and tell him to put his sports memorabilia in storage. Mix clean-lined shapes with more delicate ones. Pair deep hues with pops of livelier color in accessories. As for the wardrobe, check out these tips on sharing a closet with your man. And here are some gender-neutral nightstands, too — make sure you have one for each side of the bed.

Does anyone else have any tips for decorating a shared home? Have a question of your own? Be sure to post photos and tales to the Assisted Living group!


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Godzilla Godzilla 7 years
I had the same problem when my boyfriend moved in, my house was pink-ed out like Hello Kitty. I found using different cool grays and really deep purples I could make the rooms much more gender-neutral but still not completely throw the colour palate while slowly easing out the pinks and flourishes. Also I found it very helpful for us each to have a nightstand, that way I could still have a spot in the bedroom to display my choctchkes without overpowering the rest of the environment.
skigurl skigurl 7 years
i decorated our whole house with the thought that it can't be too girlie, as well, so i have some ideas i used neutrals wherever possible, with one or two bright accent colors the house is based around browns and taupes, and we use turquoise and lime green to accent a lot of the rooms our bedroom is filled with dark wood and stainless steel accents, and the duvet cover is white and brown with a "branch" pattern so it's not overly flowery... i would use your flowery stuff in a guest bedroom and get some new gender neutral stuff for your master - we each took one of the guest rooms and filled it with our stuff from when we lived seperately, so that we saved money and each have a space with our own style blues, beiges, browns, blacks, greens are all pretty gender-neutral colors...i am a mix of traditional but also contemporary so i have lots of dark wood in the house...lots of potted plants, lots of funky lamps etc. i aldo make sure not to make too many risky design decisions without my boyfriend...i wouldn't want him to be uncomfortable with anything i choose so i always get his opinion and he actually (surprisingly to both of us) has really good taste!! so give him a chance! and pick your battles!!
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