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George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin's Home | Video

Steal the Look of George and Amal's Newlywed Estate For Less

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deannasire deannasire 2 years

Helping others??? She is paid handsomely for what she does. If she is worth 2 mil at 36 from just a few years of practicing law she is hardly underpaid. And Any woman going from 2 mil to 200 mil is a HUGE step up period. And your knowledge about lawyers is ridiculous. Anyone can buy a house without a lawyer. Are you serious??? Lawyers are what has ruined this and many other countries. At one time people used to shake hands on deals and their word meant something (at least in civilized countries it was like this). People didn't need or want lawyers and many countries even now, several of which are in Europe don't even have lawyers and are some of the best places to live. There's a reason lawyers are referred to as "blood-sucking". Everyone suing everyone for every mistake ever made, that's what lawyers encourage while bleeding their victims of every dollar they can get. And they have no moral investment whatsoever in the case they represent. By the way, George Clooney's wealth is none of your business and no just because that woman came along does NOT mean she is entitled to a chunk of HIS hard earned money. And yes he earned every dime of it and has given a lot away unlike selfish Amal who has yet to prove she gives anything to anyone. What charity does she belong to??? What community project is she involved with?? How does she give of her non-professional time? All I've seen her do is dress in expensive designer clothing and pose endlessly for the media in between shopping and going to the spa. Anyone with brains can see that she leads a very privileged life that her parents and now George are paying for so she can primp on herself all while portraying herself as a some great "humanitarian" lawyer when in fact there are countless others who have more experience and are better qualified than she is. They just don't show off as much. Her big legal case since marriage??? Helping get a bust back on a statue, something any museum curator could have handled (and better) without all the compensation and hoopla. But then endless shopping, spas and trips leave a "working" person little time for real "work". As I said George is being a fool and will pay dearly for marrying that goldigger.

deannasire deannasire 2 years

Oh please no one even knew who she was before Clooney married her. as to her "wealth" she was worth about 2 million when they met, a far cry from Clooney's reported net worth of almost 200 million and nothing by London standards. She was privileged in that her parents bought her an expensive education but that being said, being a lawyer doesn't make you someone special. In fact, most lawyers are detestable. And she has yet to handle one case from start to finish. Her credentials are being way overblown. She met George at a fundraiser and no she did not run in the same circles, she just happened to be there. As a professional woman you would think she would keep her own last name but changed it literally within days of that gaudy marriage event which I'm sure she had something to do with as well. George is playing the fool here and mark my words in the end he will get burned by that woman.

deannasire deannasire 2 years

who cares. amal is just another gold-digger spending her new husband's money as fast as she can. i can only hope he got a pre-nup.

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