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German Company Baumraum Builds Treehouses

Casa Verde: A House in the Trees

The allure of treehouses hasn't faded for me, even though I'm well past the age of deserving one as a playhouse. Luckily, German design company Baumraum doesn't discriminate against adults in need of a good treehouse: in fact, the company specializes in the planning and completion of these elevated structures.

The company combines the expertise of an architect, a landscape architect, a tree expert, and established, reputable craftsmen to create a treehouse that will match the one you've been daydreaming about. At the same time, they handle the site, including the trees, with absolute care. Baumraum requires that the trees in which the house will be located are healthy and robust, primarily building treehouses in oaks, lime trees, ash trees, beeches, chestnuts, old fruit trees, cedars, pines, and firs. The company takes care to use building methods that do no harm to the tree or trees used, and it will provide additional supports if necessary.

Of course, these structures aren't as easily affordable as your average kid's treehouse. Costing anywhere between $20,000 and $180,000, which includes design, materials, assembly, and interior furnishing, this will be a treehouse suitable for even your most discriminating guest.

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Treehouse cabins can be outfitted with insulation, wiring, built-in furniture, a range of seating and reclining areas, plenty of storage space, a mini-kitchen, heating, lighting, entertainment electronics like hi-fi or a flatscreen tv, a minibar, and windows facing in all directions.


The Wencke treehouse, pictured here, was designed with boat construction in mind and includes a sofa-bed and bench. Under these seating areas are five drawers, two of which fold out to tables. A south-facing terrace, skylight, kitchenette, and neutral upholstery complete the look.

Like what you see? Then check back next month when Baumraum releases its coffee table book.





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