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Is your man a hipster dude? Do his digs need to be decorated? This Get the Look will show you how to create a dude-worthy pad for your main squeeze, for which he will be forever grateful. If you get it right, maybe he'll take you out for green tea gelato and a Godard film!

The Palette: In one word, jumbled. No hipster dude haven should actually have a palette. That would be against the rules — anything goes for an apathetic decorator. Most of his furnishings and decorative accents can be described as found, hand-me-down, vintage, flea market, old, or belonging to his old roommate, Knoll (yes, named after the furniture designer). If by coincidence they match, it had nothing to do with him.

To find out about his furniture, lighting, and accents,


The Furniture: Furniture will be mostly street finds, or pieces left over from roommates past. That's not to say that your man doesn't have an eye for design — he does, but he'd never pay full price for original pieces. He might, though, find a Wassily Chair on the street with a broken seat and fix it by placing a task chair from his art studio class in the center of it. And he has hobbies, too — like pinball (a non-contact sport). So, he might buy a custom-built pinball coffee table from Craigslist. If you have to ask about the bed, then you should probably remember who you're dating. Mattress, no box spring, on the floor (sheets could use a wash).

The Lighting: Hipster dudes aren't really into lamps, unless you're talking about the Leg Lamp from A Christmas Story. But they do like conserving energy, so be sure to pick up some CFLs.

The Accents: Accents are key for an HD.

  • Walls. To start, the Lit major will definitely want a book poster featuring a title by his favorite author (Urban Outfitters Book Posters, $29.99). And he probably picked up a poster at the benefit event for the radio he DJ'd for in college (try Aesthetic Apparatus). To get his dose of rebellion, he might also go for a Che wall hanging ($15).
  • Bedding. For sheets, what could be more rad than a Pabst Blue Ribbon pillowcase ($12)? To keep himself warm, he'll use an afghan blanket he found in the basement closet of his mom's house — Grams crocheted it.
  • Tableware. If he's a smoker, he will likely ash in the vinyl record bowl that you DIY'd for him. Glassware will consist of odds and ends, including but not limited to plastic cups from Mardi Gras parades, Solo cups (which also make great ashtrays), and beer glasses stolen from his favorite watering hole.
  • Muzik. HD is into tunes, too, so he's got to have a vintage turntable to play his vast collection of records (he's been a collector since he was 5). But don't be fooled; he probably has a fancy new iMac hidden under his pile of clothes somewhere to play — gasp! — mp3s downloaded from Soulseek. He'll also need a vintage projector for aesthetics, and to throw a Wes Anderson-appreciation movie night in the park.
  • Bathroom. Every man loves the toilet throne, and yours also loves his bike, so a 10 Speed Vinyl Toilet Graphic is only appropriate. While he's in the bathroom, he might also like to lather up with a Poor Boy Beer Vegan-Friendly Soap Bar ($4.75) made from PBRs.

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