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Get the Look: Jennifer Carpenter's Tipi

Get the Look: Jennifer Carpenter's Tipi

In the current issue of O at Home, actress Jennifer Carpenter shares photos of her Laurel Canyon home, which was redecorated by Jennifer's friend Ariel Ashe, an interior designer with the firm Ashe + Leandro.

While I loved the entire home design, my eyes kept coming back to this cool tipi in Jennifer's backyard. In the article, Jennifer admits, "That was my idea. I always wanted a yurt."

When I was growing up, my family used a traditional tipi as an alternative structure for camping on our land, and I can vouch for their comfort. Although a traditional tipi would look too hippie in Jennifer's colorful, modern space, the updated tipi, which uses the Hable Construction Big Beads outdoor fabric in Java, is absolutely perfect.

To hear Ariel's tips for relaxed, easy living,


  • Buy neutral furniture and bring color in with accessories. It's easier to replace a candlestick than a sofa that suddenly feels outdated.
  • Take a laid-back approach to art. We used game boards and Polaroids. And who says everything needs to be hung on the wall—or even framed?
  • Big names aren't always best. I like to mix highbrow and affordable furniture because it's hard to feel comfortable in a room that's all design, design, design.
  • Erase the barrier between indoors and out. Furnish your deck, porch, or patio as if it were your living room. Then you can't help but enjoy the good weather.
  • Don't bother with fussy drapes. In fact, if privacy is not an issue at your home, you have my permission to skip curtains all together.

Get more tips about Summer living, and check out the rest of Jennifer's house, here.


Join The Conversation
Home Home 9 years
Catgirl1 — tipi is the more traditional Lakota spelling (originally thipi) of the word. But however you spell it, I can tell you that I seriously want it!
cupcakers cupcakers 9 years
I like it a lot but I have this semi phobia with sitting in the grass with bugs all over me. And if the tipi is going to be outside the whole time I'd be worried about little creatures making it a home or finding there way in.That's just me.
catgirl1 catgirl1 9 years
I thought it was a "tepee"...
bizzybee bizzybee 9 years
The design for this outdoor space is really fun and colorful. And I agree with a lot of the tips. Great post!
bizzybee bizzybee 9 years
Friends of mine kept a tipi on their property and used it as a guest room. The space inside is so amazing and unlike a tent, you can stand up naturally and keep furniture - much like you would a "normal" room and move about. The light was fantastic too.
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 9 years
we have a wonderful sunroom in our new home that I can't wait to decorate!
RosaDilia RosaDilia 9 years
With a child I would consider a tipi but for myself I don't think so. I do love the simple deck decor.
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