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When you’ve got home decorating on the brain, there’s no shortage of inspiration. Ideas can be found everywhere you turn, from the color of the evening sky to the pattern on your favorite vintage skirt. So why does it take so long to actually get your project going? Sometimes you’re short on time, sometimes it’s a lack of funds — whatever the reason, the best laid decorating plans often end up stalled (along with your motivation).

Whether you have yet to embark on your decorating journey or you’ve started a task and gotten stuck along the way, Glidden® wants to help you bring inspiration to life once and for all. Click here now to enter for your chance to win a $5,000 gift card towards realizing the room of your dreams!

Plus, discover all the other ways Glidden® can help get your project going. Visit for tools and advice on common decorating questions and concerns — or ask your own.

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