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Gift Guide: The Neighbor

My neighbor listens to The Postal Service, likes to run, and hails from Wisconsin. Other than that, as far I know, he has no other interests or qualities. That's often how neighbors work. Unless you know your neighbors personally, you probably know very little about them. That is, if you even know their names. So what to give to these mystery people? Give them something you yourself would enjoy owning that's useful, and suggests you actually know something about these people, even though you don't. Be sure to write something to the effect of "I thought of you when I saw this because . . ." and then finish with a generic phrase.
Or, take the one thing you do know about this person, and run with it. For the guy who walks his Daschund by your house each morning, this pillow is a good choice. I've rounded up several items at various price points that will be sure to please that nice person next door.


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jkat jkat 9 years
If you don't know them why would you be giving them a gift (especially if you don't even know their names)? If one of my neighbors showed up with a present for me, I would be confused (and possibly a little creeped out).
SummerBaby SummerBaby 9 years
haha awe that pic is soo cute! :)
emalove emalove 9 years
I only talk to two of my neighbors and not enough to give a gift to.
king's-queen king's-queen 9 years
Or just bake them a dozen or so holiday cookies. That's what we did for our neighbors, and the cookies were well received. Personally if someone I didn't know that well showed up at my door with an actual gift they had bought for me, I would think it was a bit odd.
aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
Like I told Yum, dog poop would be too kind a gift to the people on the 2nd and 1st floors below me...
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