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Giveaway: Nikki McClure Signed Print

Last week, in the Artist of the Day post, I told you we'd be giving away a Nikki McClure print to one lucky CasaSugar reader. (Click here for official rules.) Let me know what you think of Nikki McClure's artwork by commenting below, and you will be automatically entered to win this "Gravity" print signed by the artist.

If you're in need of another giveaway, Ferm is giving away a wall's worth of gorgeous wallpaper to one lucky reader, so be sure to check it out.

Join The Conversation
Cuttlefish Cuttlefish 8 years
I love the way Nikki McClure's art combines aethetic beauty with spiritual mindfulness. She never fails to remind us about what is really important in life.
fizzywhizkid fizzywhizkid 9 years
what a fabulous print!
bcdr bcdr 9 years
I love it, It reminds me of something my daughter would do.
halo0073 halo0073 9 years
barbara-24 barbara-24 9 years
not really sure if i like this to be honest, but i'd take it anyway!!!
mane40 mane40 9 years
UFO watching anyone?
disa disa 9 years
Moving into a new place of my own!!! I have a perfect wall for it if I win it!!!!
TrinityOne TrinityOne 9 years
Oooh I love it! I NEED it!
trishamerica trishamerica 9 years
That would look really good with my kozyndan bunny art!
mellafe mellafe 9 years
I love that. And the only poster I have in my wall is "The Nightmare Before Christmas".
minepress minepress 9 years
it makes me happy.
ajah ajah 9 years
that's so lovely. would love to have that on my wall.
fitgirlFL fitgirlFL 9 years
I love the blue
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 9 years
all i see is three boobs. one is all cold
bellabrunette26 bellabrunette26 9 years
very different, but would be a great addition to my bedroom!
Pepper Pepper 9 years
I'm going outside with a glass of wine to stare at the stars.
natushka natushka 9 years
reminds me of my favorite quote... "but gravity always wins" love it.
chiccox3 chiccox3 9 years
so pretty!!
amers230 amers230 9 years
oooh, i really like this, esp. the color combo!
Jeng112 Jeng112 9 years
That's how I feel at the end of my work week.
LydiaB LydiaB 9 years
I like these colors!!
Milisa14919767 Milisa14919767 9 years
I just love it. hard to put into words.
AujahAcorn AujahAcorn 9 years
i really really love this print. if i do not win i am searching it out for sure.
leahlarocco leahlarocco 9 years
I think this is rather toungue-in-cheek - how gravity can pull us down and make us feel "splat" on the ground, or how it can be as peaceful as gazing up at the stars on a clear night. Love it!
emma- emma- 9 years
This is ingenious. Brilliant. I'm completely drawn to it...must be the gravity.
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