High Meets Low in This Editor's Chic Abode

Mar 9 2014 - 3:02am

We have finally found the perfect mix of high and low decor, and it rests in Caitlin Moran's stylish abode. As the editorial director of the Glitter Guide [1], Caitlin's style clearly comes easy, especially with her effortless mix of neutral and eclectic accents. Whether pairing the vintage with the modern — hint, hint, her bar cart — or layering rugs to discreetly hide the carpet, Caitlin filled her home with practical ideas we could all take note of.

Source: Natalie Franke [2]

Throughout her home, Caitlin chose a neutral color palette and accessorized with eclectic touches. Opting for gray hues also means she can easily change out pillows and throws with each season.

Source: Natalie Franke [3]

Nesting coffee tables are perfect for entertaining. They're also a great solution in small spaces since you can tuck one under the other. Antlers are a chic touch when used as an accent piece rather than on the wall [4].

Source: Natalie Franke [5]

For an office space full of inspiration, bring on the art! A gold wastebasket [6] adds a glamorous touch, and if you're looking to create a cozy seat, just add a sheepskin.

Source: Natalie Franke [7]

Small touches like a wine cooler [8] ($30) and a tray are entertaining essentials worth having on hand.

Source: Natalie Franke [9]

If drawer space is slim, catchalls are a great way to keep a desk organized and prevent it from looking too cluttered.

Source: Natalie Franke [10]

Flowers are a must for any space, especially when displayed in a vintage vase.

Source: Natalie Franke [11]

Even if you don't have a designated reading nook, you can create one by adding a chair, side table, and an ottoman to any corner in your house. Just accessorize with art, a floor lamp, and a throw.

Source: Natalie Franke [12]

Cheeky prints fill Caitlin's home and are proof that art doesn't have to break the bank. This Champagne print [13] is only $30!

Source: Natalie Franke [14]

Now here is a bar setup done right. A white cart acts as a versatile foundation for highlighting beautiful barware. A large table lamp (with a cool marble effect) makes a unique statement piece.

Source: Natalie Franke [15]

Carpet in a home or rental can be challenging, but layering rugs [16] is a great solution.

Source: Natalie Franke [17]

We're all for cute ways to display jewelry [18], but this adorable bronze bird is a new favorite.

Source: Natalie Franke [19]

Caitlin's bedroom is a great example of chic design on a budget. She DIYed her headboard and shopped at Target for her bedding and starburst mirror.

Source: Natalie Franke [20]

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