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Gold DIY Urchin Decor

DIY to Try: Gold Urchin Decor

If you've been aching for one of Kelly Wearstler's bronze kaleidoscopes, but aren't ready for a quadruple-digit splurge, allow us to suggest the DIY route. When we spotted Craft and Couture blogger Therese's homemade version of these spiky metallic stunners, we had to do a double take.

After experimenting with styrofoam balls and skewers for versions that worked perfectly as Christmas tree ornaments, Therese decided to take it a step further by developing a more substantial version. The key ingredient? Oven-bake clay!

Forget the pottery kiln, this beginner-friendly clay can be found at most craft stores and bakes in your home oven. For less than $10, Therese and her 4-year-old (yep, even a small child can help!) pulled off this DIY version that looks just as chic as the real deal. For a step-by-step breakdown, check out Therese's DIY brass urchin tutorial!

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