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Good, Better, Best: Portable Grills

Warm weather really makes me want to get out of the kitchen, so thank goodness for portable grills that let me take my kitchen with me. When it comes to barbecuing outdoors, your choices range from cheap and disposable to expensive and luxurious, and all three of these grills cook up very tasty meat.

Good: When my friends and I gathered recently for a picnic in the park, one Weber grill devotee admitted that the sausages cooked on this Grill-N-Go Disposable Charcoal Grill ($8.99) tasted just as good as his. Plus, this version is lightweight and cleans up in a snap.

For two even better portable grills,

Better: Though I haven't had the pleasure of devouring food prepared on this barbecue, people are raving about the Fold Flat Grill (about $40.50), and the design is just too ingenious to ignore.

Best: Weber grill owners are fanatical about the company's products, including this Weber Q220 Gas Grill ($199). It's not something you'd want to schlep too far, but it is a well-constructed machine that makes excellent barbecue at home or on the go.

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GraceKelly GraceKelly 9 years
let me help some of you out - the first one is cheap because it doesn't work well. a neighbor recommened it, but my boyfriend and i couldn't even get it to light. we ended up throwing it out and broiling our fish. we later bought a mini weber ... works wonderfully and cost $10!
missyukp missyukp 9 years
I own the Weber Baby Q which is the smaller version of the Weber shown here. It was $120 at Target and worth every penny!
books-and-shoes books-and-shoes 9 years
I really like the first two! The last is over budget for me. The disposable one would have been perfect last week when we barbequed at the park for a friend's birthday but all the grills were already taken so we had to buy one!
beingtazim beingtazim 9 years
love the fold flat grill! my mom's grill is huge and she takes it out several time a month in summer. this'd be way better.
jennifer76 jennifer76 9 years
Awesome! I know some vacationers that could really use these this week!
misspoli misspoli 9 years
I love the second one!
Rain-Moon Rain-Moon 9 years
The second grill is very interesting in it's design, but seems like it would be a bit messy after use. The first one I am not a fan of at all. I hate that things are so disposable. I guess that it could be recycled, but that would defeat the purpose of it's convenient throw away marketing, as it would have to be cleaned prior to taking to the recycler
karisaamy karisaamy 9 years
I love the second one, it would be perfect for on the boat where space is at a premium
ALSW ALSW 9 years
Good point, SweetE. Lightweight is good too!
SweetE SweetE 9 years
the first one is also great for camping...I really hate dragging the propane stove around.
CocoChic CocoChic 9 years
I'm a major weber/charchol devotee!
bfly1133 bfly1133 9 years
Too true ALSW! I haven't used a portable grill either. We have never had a need for one. Thanks for the list Casa and I will keep it mind if we ever need one. :)
ALSW ALSW 9 years
I've never used a portable grill, but I like the $9 one! Hehe. Can't go wrong with that price.
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