Pet owners know that dogs and cats love to wake you up with a lick and a nudge . . . or better yet, sleep in the bed with you. There's not always enough room, though, so the pets usually end up getting kicked out. That's why one couple decided to end the problem once and for all and create a giant bed that could be shared with their five cats and two dogs.

The Reddit user shared photos and explained that he and his girlfriend made an 11-foot bed that takes up most of their bedroom but is plenty big enough for all of their pets to share.

It looks pretty massive; one commenter even said, "Your bed is practically the size of my apartment."

You might be thinking the bed is a waste of space, but the couple is also using it for extra storage space. "We also needed storage so we skipped bedframe and boxspring and framed out storage under it," the man noted. Genius! This is certainly one way to make your pets feel like they're part of the family — would you do the same?

Image Source: Reddit user Robdogbird