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Paris Hilton's Hollywood Hills home had an unfortunate encounter with a thief this morning; it was robbed of an estimated $2 million worth of jewelry and other belongings. Poor thing! While I can't say there's $2 mill. worth of anything laying around my house, I sure wouldn't be a happy camper if a burglar penetrated it. Fortunately, I've never had that displeasure. Has your home ever been robbed?Source and Source

Lilavati Lilavati 8 years
Yeah, and they took my uncle's computer, but lost the keyboard on their way. The next day, a neighboor's kid came to ask if we could borrow him a keyboard...
SATClover SATClover 8 years
Yes I was living in a house with 5 other girls. While a bunch of us were getting ready for a night out, someone came in through the backdoor (we had it unlocked not thinking about locking it since we were home!). Anyway they stole two of my housemate's purses with all of her stuff in it, it sucked. According to the cops it happens a lot in our city where the thieves just go around trying doors and when one is unlocked they'll just go in but most of them don't actually break in.
nicky360 nicky360 8 years
My home was broken into about a year ago. I came home to a kicked in metal door. I was really afraid for months that it would happen again- but they caught the guys. Now I'm not so much afraid as I am pissed off that these guys thought it was okay to break into people's homes and take what they want.
hippiecowgirl hippiecowgirl 8 years
Thankfully I've never had this happen to me. It is one of my greatest fears. My husband's previous home was broken into three times in a little less than a year. The police took fingerprints and everything and finally caught the guy a few months after the last incident. He'd been breaking into lots of homes in the area and they finally caught up with him.
UrbanBohemian UrbanBohemian 8 years
Edit: Didn't mean to say "he" in there. Truth is, we never found out who the culprit was. I nearly had to move out, but the campus security repaired the lock that weekend and I slept over friend's rooms for a couple nights in the meantime.
UrbanBohemian UrbanBohemian 8 years
I lived in a dorm room when I studied abroad in Oxford, and while I was at dinner in the cafeteria for dinner for an hour, I came back and I found that my door-frame was broken, papers were scattered around the floor, and my drawers were open. Luckily he didn't take any valuables. I was also in my friend's dorm before dinner and I had left my wallet in there to go out later. But it was scary.
doogirl doogirl 8 years
We were robbed when I was 16. The money my Mom was holding from a fundraiser at the school she worked at was taken, as well as every CD in the house, which still pisses me off! Also, some jewelry. Turns out we knew the people, or some of the people, in the robbery ring. They got caught when they broke into an Arby's and still had the paper wrapped food in the freezer when the cops came! ha ha ha Also, my Grandmother's house was broken into last year. She was 87 and alone at the time, except for her obese weenie dog. The guy got away with some cash, she spooked him. But it scared me. Several years ago my friend's Mom was at home and a man broke into her home. He tied her up and tried to rape her, he couldn't achieve an erection, thank GOD! He got away with her ATM card and PIN number. He was caught but for another crime, murder. The sad thing is that I live in a small town, 50,000 people, and the town where my Grandma lives is even smaller, and she lives out in the country and has an 8 foot fence around her property. Personally, there is nothing worse than a thief!
runningesq runningesq 8 years
Not to be a total PITA, but robbey is theft by force or threat or threat of force. Burglary is breaking and entering the dwelling house of another with the intent to commit a crime therein. Sorry to hear about everyone's thefts ... it's very scary.
ccpdm ccpdm 8 years
Yes, and I felt totally violated. And vulnerable.
LoveSarah LoveSarah 8 years
My house wasn't broken in per say, but our 2007 Yamaha r6 was stolen right outside of our apartment. We were gone for less than 45 minutes, came back and it was gone! Of course we are still trying to pay it off and that was my boyfriends only mode of transportation. We really got screwed :(
lickety-split lickety-split 8 years
yes, my first apartment, low rent area (of course). my jewelry box made a handy carrying case for the thief, who also took my iron (?)
Glittersniffer Glittersniffer 8 years
Oh man, I've dealt with the peeping tom issue before. He left full handprints on my window...creeped me right out, because my first thought was "he was trying to palm the window up to get in". It was right after we'd moved in, and my room was in the basement...4 big windows, about 4" off the ground. My parents didn't think I was serious when I said I'd seen someone outside the window...til they saw the handprints, plus cigarette butts and beer cans. We tacked up bedsheets til we got window treatments...and I put a pistol in my nightstand! Never had my home broken into, knock on wood, but my family's had hotel rooms broken into twice. They stole my mom's birthday money out of her purse the first time. The hotel said since we didn't have proof that the money was there in the first place, that it wasn't their problem. The second time they didn't take anything, but whoever did it...uh...used one of the beds. We found the lady's stockings. They were a size that neither my mom, my sister, nor I wore, and we had all been out anyway. THAT was awkward.
RosieAllen RosieAllen 8 years
No we have not but right now we have a peeping tom....The cops have a suspect but they don't have any evidence to arrest him....I have my bedroom in the basement and we had to call the cops because he was kneeling down in the snow to look into my basement bedroom!!! We covered my window with fabric and have not seen any since!
macgirl macgirl 8 years
I just can't imagine having my house broken into. One of my good friends had this happen to her and they took stuff that was mostly sentimental in value, it really broke her heart. She has had a hard time feeling safe there since. :-(
Mesayme Mesayme 8 years
wasn't Paris the same one who had her Sidekick hacked? think so.
Mesayme Mesayme 8 years
Not a house and things stolen; just my computer hacked and a lot of words were stolen. Virus protection is a very valuable thing. *so were the words apparently* :)
amers230 amers230 8 years
nope, had my car broken into once though. that was the last time i left my purse in my car lol
witchbaby witchbaby 8 years
When I was a little girl, about 4, on Christmas Eve our entire neighborhood was robbed. Alot of the families left town or were gone for the night. I still remember it to this day. There was so many cops and my parents and I had a pet bird that we would let loose in the home and apparently he got attacked and thrown against something and broke his wing when they broke into our house! My best friend who was my neighbor had not been home either but her older brother was like 14 and was asleep the entire time they broke into his house! He was lucky to be unharmed but my parents got really scared and that week my dad installed burglar bars. This past summer our house wasn't robbed but someone had stolen my dads lawnmower and other power tools from our backyard! Of course the cops got here too late once the guys ran off when they tried getting getting into our yard again!
verily verily 8 years
Two months after moving into my first rental house, someone broke in through the sliding glass door and stole my roommate's really crappy, barely functioning work laptop and a few of my lamest Season 1 TV boxed sets. The scary thing was that we were in the house and asleep at the time. Turns out that there had been a rash of break-ins conducted the same way in the past six months by some teenagers. We didn't really suffer a loss as the laptop was covered by her workplace's insurance and the only Season 1 boxed set I actually cared about was Buffy. It's been a year and we haven't had a problem since. Sometimes I get a bit jumpy at night, but we leave the dog out in the living room at night to sleep/be a watch dog.
sofiabonbon sofiabonbon 8 years
I was so lucky. I live in a gentri-FIYING area.. and I heard that there were burglaries, so I got ADT to be sure. I've had a few false alarms with ADT, at 10:00 a.m. on a Wednesday, they called me. I wasn't too concerned. I didn't actually get home until Sunday... and the jerk pushed my whole window frame next to the fire escape window in. My flat screen and Mac were right next to the window. The alarm must have scared him off because nothing was touched. I love ADT.. best $37 a month I ever spent. It saved me $2000 so far.
tamint tamint 8 years
yup, they broke down my back door, broke a couple windows, rifled through all our dresser drawers and closets, and only took my laptop and loose change! they left all the amps, the 7 vintage guitars, and my credit card. he got caught a couple months later for burglary somewhere else. jerk. it was really horrible, and i felt scared being home alone for a while after, my husband came in right after the robber left...
cmd0610 cmd0610 8 years
Thanks gawd no, but if my house did get robbed I would defi be able to file an online claim with the police bc that's for thefts less than $5k
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