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In San Francisco, it's common to see furniture abandoned on the street. Sometimes a Craigslist ad announces the furniture's presence, and sometimes it just randomly appears. While it's a good way to find free furniture, often this abandoned furniture poses a problem for garbage removal services. Plus, it's just an eyesore.

Source: Flickr User say_cheddar

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Swedeybebe Swedeybebe 7 years
UGH it is, sadly, such a common occurance where I live. Total eye sore. We have a neighbor about a block and a half down from us that thinks their lawn is the neigborhood secondhand store and leaves crap (I mean crap! Nothing good, absolutely old and tattered furniture) out 24-7. And we've got countless neighbors that just leave sofas and arm chairs on their porch and lawns as like a second living room (not meant for selling). At least put the things in your backyard! Not too many people take pride in their homes where i live :(
carawilkerson carawilkerson 7 years
Not only have I left items on the street, but I have snagged some great DIY finds others have left on the street! The keys is to only leave items that people might actually want. If the item is still there after a day or so, go ahead and haul it off to a better home.
PinkNC PinkNC 7 years
No, if I have furniture to give away then I ask the neighbors if they're in need of any. Daycares will sometimes take your bookshelves or small desk. Now when it comes to washers and dryers, usually you can call the city and let them know that you'll be putting something out and on what day. Then you place your heavy items outside knowing that they will not make your neighborhood look bad because the city comes straight away on the pickup date that they give to you. My neighbors would hate seeing furniture and other things outside. I also hate to see furniture out on the curb for days and weeks at a time. It looks so darn tacky.
NurseKimberly NurseKimberly 7 years
manxy manxy 7 years
At one time my washer died and when I went to replace it I got a very good deal on a new washer/dryer. I set the dryer out on the street with a free sign, but after 3 days it was still there. I put a $50 sign on it, went to the grocery store and when I came back it was gone. Mission accomplished!! People are wierd.
J-Paige J-Paige 7 years
When I lived in Seattle, and now in Tacoma, I have left many, many items on the street with a free sign on them and usually they are gone in less than an hour. This is no good for garbage and ruined furniture, but it's great for gently used items you have no need for.
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