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In the recent New York Times article It's August. They're Coming For You, tales of house-guest terror unfold, from the guest that will never leave to those that are paid off by their hosts to get the heck out of Dodge. It's definitely worth a read, if you have the time to check it out. And after you do, you can (hopefully!) breathe a sigh of relief that none of your house guests behaved that badly.

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ambersol ambersol 5 years
I would never wish on anyone the terrible house quest experience my husband and I just endured. My husband’s best friend of twenty years (they have been besties since third grade) and his new girlfriend visited us from Toronto (we live in Laguna Beach, CA). We were both so ecstatic to have them come-I am (sorry-WAS) close with his best friend also; I have known him for as long as my husband and I have been together (about 9 years). His girlfriend was an absolute nightmare. After I picked them up from the airport, she began asking me questions about California and the city we live in-which was great. In response to one of her questions, I mentioned that plastic surgery is a big business in southern Cali. Her next question to me was “so have you ever gotten any? I mean do you have fake boobs?” I was pretty shocked by that, and I told the truth: no and that I didn’t plan on any plastic surgery in the foreseeable future . After getting home and showing them both to the guest bedroom, cooking dinner and cleaning up, and serving coffee and dessert, I joined everyone in some conversation. We were lounging and drinking coffee before heading off to a local bar at the beach. At this point, the topic of religion came up. Neither my husband nor I are terribly religious, but my parents are and so I respect the religion I was raised in. She proceeded to state that a certain verse in my religious book condoned violence of a certain kind (I will not mention the specifics here). I was pretty offended at the thought of an absolute stranger coming into my house and insulting my beliefs. This is just something civilized people do not do! After that, I fired an insult back at her. She then said I had crossed the line, and skulked to the guestroom for the remainder of the evening. Okay-great. For the rest of their trip, I continued to cook, clean, and show them around while trying to avoid any sensitive topics. I really tried my best to be kind and keep a positive attitude for everyone’s sake. However, both guests constantly criticized every place we showed them, from Las Vegas to Rodeo Drive to my favorite beaches and many other places I grew up. I just brushed that off. The worst part, however, was that both argued with us over the state of the U.S. economy CONSTANTLY. Both insisted that the country is now in the toilet-and would never recover. We agreed that the economy was in bad shape-we get that and so does everyone else-who wouldn’t agree with that? But they continued to harp on the point that America had lost its power and standing in the world. They even went as far as saying that the U.S. is on the verge of disintegration-they were both yelling at this at me while I was driving them to downtown San Diego (an hour and a half away)! Hearing this for five days straight along with how everything and anything we did or showed them was subpar, I lost my cool and said that they were just jealous. What else could I have said? I knew they weren’t of course- but I just wanted them to shut up! When I visited Toronto (where my husband grew up) I spoke of nothing but how much I loved the city-because it is really a beautiful place. I even want to buy a summer home there-it is a fantastic city. But honestly-common courtesy dictates that a guest does not make derogatory comments about the host’s place of residence. I could not take such rudeness anymore. When I said they were jealous, his girlfriend stopped the conversation and announced that my comment was below the belt. Really? If you can dish it out, you should be able to take it without whining and crying. The trip continued on like this until they left. I have had many houseguests before this and have never, ever had a negative experience like this!!! A week has gone by since they left and I am still shell shocked by what transpired over that week. Phew-felt good to let that out!! Thanks for reading :-)
betty-kraker betty-kraker 7 years
mine just trashed house and didnt watch threr kids
aphill4 aphill4 7 years
I had a boyfriend/girlfriend duo staying at my apt that I share with my bf. They were originally supposed to be mutual friends of both myself and my boyfriend, but it became apparent after a day that I was transparent, as all of their questions and conversations were geared directly to him. I brought them to the supermarket to get supplies for the WEEK AND A HALF that they were staying with us, and also offered to cook dinner while they were there, listing the items I was considering making. I said I was thinking about making steaks, a potato side and grilled green onions, to which the guy lit up and said, "I LOVE green onions!" So I bought all the supplies (to which came to over $50.00 for one meal) and stayed at home one afternoon in the kitchen while they went out. When the dinner was prepared, I ran to the restroom to wash my hands and I overheard the guy telling my boyfriend that he wasn't going to eat either the potatoes or the vegetables. I didn't ask anything or mention that I was a little surprised that he didn't object when I was BUYING the food, but when we were all sitting and eating, he turns to me and says, "Oh, I forgot. What I meant to say was that I like GREEN PEPPERS. Not green onions." And my boyfriend later explained that he objected to eating the potatoes because "they didn't have cheese on them." The girl was completely rude and disrespectful. We live in Chicago and she happened to lose her public transit pass on her second day in. She came home and proceeded to dump the entire contents of her purse on my kitchen floor and when I asked if I could help her look for it she stopped, glared up at me, and said in the snootiest voice I've ever heard: "Why?! I JUST lost it!" I have never had such a horrible time with people staying with me and I will never allow them in my house again. Sorry, I had to vent!
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